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Gaby Spanic y Gless ganan la inmunidad en esta segunda semana de Top Chef VIP 2.

Gaby Spanic and Gless win immunity in this second week of Top Chef VIP 2.

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The famous, in Top Chef VIP 2, have to be innovative, They must have seasoning and they need their dishes to taste delicious. Many of the tests that the chefs, Antonio de Livier, Adria Marina Montaño and Juan Manuel Barrientos, impose within the program are intended for everyone, this season, to achieve these three attributes per dish served.

Top Chef VIP 2 airs on Telemundo Monday through Friday at 4 p.m. Los Angeles time and 7 p.m. Miami time. In the second week of this season we meet two new immune celebrities and they are: Gaby Spanic and Gilberto Gless. This means that none of them will have to undergo the elimination test and they remain calm in the cellar.

How we see Gless in this competition

In this edition Gless has managed to captivate the Telemundo viewers, since at a professional level he is known for being one of the most acclaimed impersonators in the world of entertainment who has managed to work on different television programs in Mexico, Latin America and the United States.

However, despite the success he knows in the most famous kitchen on Hispanic television, we have met a humble man, a believer who always gives glory to God for every victory and who in defeats tries to find the teaching that under the faith that professes receives.

The sweeter side of Gaby Spanic

In the case of Gaby Spanic, Award-winning international soap opera star known for starring roles in hit network television productions in the United States, Mexico and her native Venezuela, including starring roles in original Telemundo productions, she has come to this show with an open heart.

Many we saw it in La Casa de los Famosos, first edition, However, the stress and pressure under which she lived said reality is totally absent in this one, since here she is giving us something that she is as passionate about as acting. In Gaby’s kitchen, she strives to give us dishes that come from her heart and we have learned that even though she is very good at all the challenges that come her way, the Venezuelan loves to make desserts.

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