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As the digital landscape evolves, businesses need to keep up to date with the latest SEO trends to ensure their online presence remains visible and competitive. The coming years promise to bring new challenges and opportunities for businesses when it comes to optimizing content for search engines. In order to learn more about SEO, this module “The fundamentals of natural referencing” of the certifying course “Developing your activity with web marketing” will teach you how to set up an SEO strategy for your website and to master the first page of Google. At the same time, we have drawn up, through this article, a non-exhaustive list of the best books to learn about natural referencing…

Successful web referencing: SEO strategies and techniques by Olivier Andrieu (EYROLLES Edition, 2022)

This is a must-read in terms of SEO! Written by Olivier Andrieu, this book is a reference on this subject so that you can have a website with maximum visibility on search engines. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an expert, it helps you understand how SEO works and gives you the tools and techniques you need to optimize your website for search engines.

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Olivier Andrieu reveals practical advice on how to apply SEO writing techniques to create quality content for a website, SEO tools to use to analyze and improve it, as well as best practices to avoid Google penalties.

Another strong point: you will discover various SEO strategies and techniques that you can use to improve your online visibility such as netlinking, social networks and online advertising.

Writing well for the web: Content strategy to improve SEO by Isabelle Canivet-Bourgaux (Edition EYROLLES, 2017)

Having articles written to web standards is a basic that any website owner worth their salt should know. If you are not very knowledgeable on the subject, do not panic, this book is for you. Isabelle Canivet-Bourgaux provides, in fact, the best practices in terms of web writing while taking into account SEO and user experience.

Although content is currently the mainstay of SEO, it is also the mainstay of marketing. So, if you want to grow your website from both an SEO perspective and a customer perspective, definitely read this book.

Web strategy: the central role of domain names by David Chelly (Gecop Edition, 2020)

Constantly improving web marketing practices is a must for a business, especially in areas that have been neglected until now. Domain names are one of the lesser-known assets of the Internet despite its great potential, especially for improving SEO, improving communication and managing legal risks.

This book, by David Chelly, is a wealth of information and advice for those who use domain names professionally, namely website publishers, SEOs, lawyers, Web agencies, domain name managers, domains . It covers the most relevant issues related to domain names.

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Search Optimization by Lionel Miraton (2016)

Through this book, Lionel Miraton affirms that SEO must first be centered on the user. For him, we must stop doing SEO for Google and focus primarily on understanding the needs of the user. You will thus better understand the role of search engines, the need to study user behavior and how to implement an SEO strategy.

Lionel Miraton offers crucial and above all timeless advice on SEO best practices to effectively and sustainably improve the positioning of your website.

Optimize your WordPress SEO by Daniel Roch (Eyrolles Edition, 2017)

Daniel Roch reveals all the secrets to making WordPress a powerful SEO tool. This book contains all the basics of SEO, including popularity, indexing, and website structure. It is also very technical with WordPress preferences, extensions and themes to optimize SEO as much as possible. Additionally, this second edition offers three new chapters to help you learn how to secure your WordPress site, make it mobile friendly, and how to anticipate user errors on your site.

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