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Sir Michael Caine has celebrated his 90th birthday surrounded by his famous friends, including Tom Cruise.

While the Oscar-shy action star walked out of last week’s Academy Awards, preferring to sleep in an igloo in the Arctic Circle while filming the latest installment of Mission: Impossible, he clearly wasn’t about to say no to Sir Michael.

The beloved British actor celebrated his special day at London’s The River Cafe restaurant, surrounded by his celebrity friends, including Cruise, little britain star David Walliams and loose women talk show host Denise Welch.

“Happy 90th birthday to the legendary Sir Michael Caine,” Walliams wrote alongside a carousel of photos from the star-studded event, which he shared on Instagram.

It was a rare outing for Caine, who isn’t seen much these days. Although the star has not officially retired from acting – he still has two projects in the pipeline – he leads a quiet life in London with his wife of 50 years, former actress and model Shakira, 76.

There was nothing quiet about Tuesday night’s birthday bash, however, with Caine, Shakira and their famous pals appearing in good spirits in an Instagram video shared by Welch.

“It is a great honor to be asked by Shakira to say a few words on Sir Michael Caine’s 90th birthday,” the talk show host wrote in the caption. “He loves dirty jokes and it seems @tomcruise does too! Great night and amazing company.”

The video then showed part of his speech, with Cruise wiping away tears of laughter.

Meanwhile, fans couldn’t get enough of Cruise-Caine’s departure, with many expressing their delight on social media.

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“No way Tom Cruise and Michael Caine…just passed out, can’t imagine being at the same table as Hollywood royalty,” one fan tweeted, while another wrote: “Totally freaky funny.”

Although Caine and Cruise have known each other for decades, the alfie The star only met Welch in 2016 after her artist husband, Lincoln Townley, introduced them when he painted a portrait of the Hollywood legend.

“Michael is a complete legend,” he said. daily mail last year. “I was very nervous about him when I met him. He is a great admirer of my husband’s work.

“I became very close friends with Shakira, his wife. We see them as regularly as possible and I adore it,” she added. “It seems like we don’t make movie stars like that anymore. He is just a legendary actor and just wonderful.”

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