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Getting restful sleep isn’t always easy. A study published in the scientific journal sleeping given a new tip for peaceful nights. And, good news, this recommendation turns out to be rather simple to implement.

In fact, the researchers recommend wear an eye mask overnight. Thanks to this, light is blocked and cognitive functions are improved upon waking. To reach this conclusion, two experiments were performed. Thus, the scientists found that those who slept with an eye mask showed improved episodic memory encoding and alertness the next day. In this study, researchers found that participants showed better learning performance on a word pair association task after wearing the eye mask overnight.

Better alertness

“The current results suggest that wearing an eye mask has a beneficial effect on behavioral alertness. To be precise, after a night’s sleep spent wearing the eye mask, the participants responded more quickly to the PVT”, details the ‘study. Before specifying: “PVT is one of the most widely used measures of behavioral alertness and sustained attention”. On a day-to-day basis, the benefits could be multiple, particularly on the driving.

“Wearing an eye mask at night can be an effective and inexpensive solution to improving cognitive performance,” said Viviana Greco, study author and doctoral student at the University’s Brain Research Imaging Center. from Cardiff to PsyPost. And to conclude: “Our results show an improvement in reaction times and an improvement in memory performance”.

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