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TKO Group

After the purchase of WWE by Endeavor, and the idea of ​​uniting it with the UFC has now made the name of this new company known facing stock market issues rather than day-to-day changes. It will be known as TKO Group.

TKO Group the new name of the company born from the union of UFC and WWE

In a news item that came out last night, The name of the new company that will come out of the union of UFC and WWE has been announced after Endeavor’s purchase of WWE. The company will be renamed TKO Group Holdings.

When the plan for the merger between Vince McMahon’s WWE and Ari Emanuel’s Endeavor was first announced, it was known at the time that the eventual new merged public company would trade under the name TKO. McMahon and Emanuel told CNBC that the final name would be announced soon.

The deal is expected to close in the second half of 2023, assuming it clears all regulatory hurdles. When first announced, the valuation was at $20 billion for the merged company, but that will be determined by the public when the shares begin trading.

McMahon will be the CEO of the new company, while Emanuel will be the executive director. Nick Khan will remain as president of WWE while Dana White will remain as president of the UFC.

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