Tinnitus: 14% of those under 10 have already consulted | The USA Print

According to a survey carried out for the “National Hearing Day” association, and unveiled by The Parisian, 14% of children under ten have already consulted a doctor because of tinnitus. What is it about ? As Inserm explains, tinnitus is “hissingringing or buzzing in the ears, which does not come from the outside world”. Tinnitus can affect one or both ears.

Doctors are concerned about the progression of tinnitus in the little ones, they have found a culprit. Indeed, the specialists alert on theuse of earphones and headphones among children under ten.

Prevention measures

“Children’s ears are much more fragile than adults’ ears. Eventually, this can lead to presbycusisan aging of the hearing at 40 years old instead of 60 years old!”, warns Jean-Luc Puel, president of the association and research director at Inserm, quoted by The Parisian. Same alert from Cécile Parietti-Winkler, president of the French ENT college, who even evokes a “time bomb”: “Each time, this repeated exposure will cause small cell damage to the ear sensor which will be minimized by a phenomenon of compensation. The tests will not show any hearing problem in the child. The damage, we see it afterwards”.

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