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Tina Arena spoke about the fact that dancing intensively every day during nearly three months had taken a toll on his physical and mental healthincluding a period of early perimenopause. The singer, who had been away from the French scene for several years, made this confession during an interview with Nikos Aliagas on the show 50′ Inside, on TF1, on Saturday March 11. She also spoke movingly about her private life and her participation in “Dancing with the Stars” in Australia in 2013, where she danced with Damian Whitewood (source 1).

Although the couple reached the final of the competition and finished in third place, Tina Arena said she would not be participating in the French version of the show despite several requests. She had already mentioned this decision in an interview with Télé-Loisirs, where she had explained that while the experience was beautiful, it was also incredibly difficult due to the need to dance multiple styles at a high level.

The Australian singer also stressed that the level of involvement required was “monstrous”, and that she did not want to go through the same ordeal a second time, both mentally and physically. She had also clarified that she now considered herself “too old” for this kind of challenge. However, despite the negative consequences of her participation in “Dancing with the Stars”, Tina Arena is about to make its big comeback in the limelight. Her fans can’t wait to see her back on stage, where she can once again share her talent with the world.

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