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El analista consideró que al tapatío todavía le queda mucho que ofrecer en los cuadriláteros.

The analyst considered that the Guadalajara still has a lot to offer in the ring.

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The historic boxer Timothy Bradley decided to praise the current physical condition of Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez and did not consider that he is living his last moments within the ring as many other specialists are assuring.

The former world champion and current ESPN analyst explained that the fighter from Guadalajara was in very good shape during the fight he starred in against the British John Ryder at the Akron Stadium in the city of Guadalajara; This commitment resulted in a comfortable victory for the Aztec who remains the absolute champion of the super middleweights.

Canelo looked OK (against Ryder), I’d give him a B grade. He dominated the guy, beat him up, broke his nose. It was an easy job”expressed the boxer in an interview for K.O. Artist Sports.

“This is the thing: many people can say that Canelo is finished, that he is no longer the same. But when you’ve been a fighter, You know how certain fighters prepare for certain fights. Canelo wasn’t worried about this guy. Do you think Canelo cared about training hard for this guy? No,” he added.

Bradley assured that at this point in his career the Aztec boxer has to focus and take much more courage in each of the fights he stars in due to his age; He maintained that everything is no longer just about applying force in the ring.

Canelo is at a point in his career, already with more than 60 fights, in which he has to motivate himself for the fights. He has to make his heart jump. If he’s going to fight a guy like Bivol, his heart is going to rip, if he’s going to fight Benavidez, his heart is going to rip too. The problem with Canelo at the time, is that he was too insistent on going for the knockout, and when you try so hard to knock someone out, you don’t knock them out.” he highlighted.

You are only as good as your last fight. I’ve been in his shoes, I didn’t have 60 fights, but I know how it feels. His body is a bit tired, yes, and being a father (affects), because the family is a bit distracting at times. But believe me, he has a reputation to uphold, and there are things he takes seriously. And if he fights a top fighter, he’s going to be scheduled. He’s going to turn into a fucking monster at the end of the day,” he concluded.

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