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The TikTok social network has experienced problems this morning. Users opened the platform and saw a message stating that “the video cannot be played”. According to the DownDetector website, which specializes in detecting mishaps in Internet-connected services in real time, incidents began to be recorded with the social network of Chinese origin at 10:45 in the morning, Spanish peninsular time.

Since then, the aforementioned website has registered thousands of reports of bad service. User complaints have been transferred to Twitter, where the word TikTok is a trend in Spain, with more than 700,000 messages, mostly protesting the interruption of services.

In the absence of the company communicating the reason and scope of the incidents, user messages posted on Twitter suggest that the service problem is global. The United States, South Africa, France, Japan and Norway are some of the countries in which it has also stopped working normally. About two hours after the mishaps began, the service has been restored.

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