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A man has sued three women for wrongful death. The reason, to help his ex-wife commit an abortion in Texas.

State law suggests that a person who assists in committing an abortion in Texas commits the crime of murder.

This demand occurs for the first time since the Supreme Court struck down constitutional abortion protections.

The plaintiff, named Marcus SilvaHe detailed having found the evidence in the text messages between his ex and the three defendants.

Silva looking $1 million for damage repair.

Debate continues over the future of abortion in Florida

According to him, friends of his ex-wife sent him a text message with information about a organization that supports abortion.

Is about Aid Access, an international group that mails out pregnancy termination medications.

The lawsuit will also go over the pharmaceutical

The man assures that in the messages his ex-wife revealed concern that
he would hold her if he knew of the pregnancy.

And he added that one of the women left him the pills.

Another defendant, according to the lawsuit, will be the drug manufacturer –once it is identified-.

As for women, they also have a conspiracy charge. Well, messages were found where they advise hiding the pregnancy.

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Incredible as it may seem, the ex-wife of Silva is not listed as a defendant; under Texas law, the surrogate is exempt from prosecution.

The marriage was about to dissolve

In May 2022, the ex-wife filed for divorce. The lawsuit alleges that she found out she was pregnant in July, after the marriage was annulled. Roe vs. Wade.

However, this was a month before the state law banning abortion took effect.

The year before the last, Texas passed a law making most abortions illegal after about six weeks of pregnancy.

Protesters in Austin / AP Image

This law gave citizens the right to sue anyone who engages in conduct that aids or encourages an abortion.

Silva’s advisers include Republican state Rep. Briscoe Cain and Jonathan Mitchell.

The latter is a former attorney general who was involved in drafting Texas’ abortion bans.

Women denounce not being able to commit abortion in Texas even in risky situations

Also in Texas, five women sued the state for the lack of access to abortion even when there are risks that threaten the lives of pregnant women.

Said lawsuit alleges that doctors refuse to perform it, even in urgent situations for fear of being prosecuted.

Mifepristone / AP Image

In parallel, a state judge is expected to rule soon on another lawsuit.

It points to the FDA’s approval process for the abortion pill, mifepristone.

What is Mifepristone and why do they want to ban it?

Should the judge revoke the FDA’s approval, the availability of the drug in the US could be severely affected.

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