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Tamara Falcó was left without a wedding dress less than two months after the wedding. The firm Sophie et Voilà broke contractually with the Marquise de Griñón for an alleged plagiarism that the businesswoman would have requested. However, she is already happy with her new model of Carolina Herreraby the designer Wes Gordon, whom he has gone to see in New York.

Inigo OnievaFor his part, he did not want to reveal anything about the outfit he will wear on July 8. According to himself, he told the portal 20 minutesalready has the suit prepared and the designer will not reveal until the day of the wedding. However, it has been Leticia Requejo who has been in charge of telling all the details about the design that Onieva will wear to go down the aisle.

Íñigo Onieva and Tamara Falcó during a fashion show for the Pedro del Hierro brand

Jose Oliva / EP

Íñigo Onieva has recently traveled to Lourdes to meet several pilgrims and thus be able to pray for their future wedding. It seems that he is very calm, unlike his partner, and it is that the businessman already has everything well tied up to say ‘yes I do’ with Tamara Falcó.

As explained by Leticia Requejo in The Ana Rosa Program, there would be numerous “national and international firms” that have been interested in making the suit for the Marquise’s future husband. “Classic morning suit, frock coat, waistcoat and straight pants” would be the garments chosen by Onieva for the occasion.

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Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva are enjoying these holidays in a big way

Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva

Instagram / tamara_falco

And not only the pieces that Íñigo Onieva will wear have transcended, but also the details of these. According to the journalist, the businessman will leave behind the “rare” prints and the “frills” to go in a more classic way. Neutral colors are chosen by Onieva for his design.

Tamara Falcó would be very surprised, not only with the proposed designs, but with the number of brands that have offered to dress her partner. “Tamara believes that her boyfriend will be sponsored by all sides,” Requejo has assured. And it is that the marquise would think that Onieva will have too many marks on her.

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Abel Cuartero Escartin

Tamara Falco dressed as Carolina Herrera at the photocall of the San Sebastian Film Festival

The Marquise de Griñón has already returned from her express trip to New York to find a wedding dress in extremis. A few hours ago she landed at the Adolfo Suárez Madrid Barajas airport, where she has tried to avoid being caught by the press, without good results.

The couple will say yes in the chapel of El Rincón, the small palace owned by Tamara Falcó, located in the Madrid municipality of Aldea del Fresno. The menu chosen for the occasion will be in charge of the Basque chef, with three Michelin stars, Eneko Atxa. Of course, the party will start earlier at the Ritz hotel in Madrid. Without a doubt, a wedding that will leave images for history.

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