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Jimena Gallego conduce La Casa de los Famosos junto a Héctor Sandarti.

Jimena Gallego leads La Casa de los Famosos with Héctor Sandarti.

Photo: Courtesy / Telemundo

Voting for the twelfth elimination gala in The House of Celebrities shows that Madison Anderson, Diego Soldano and José Rodríguez they are very even in the intention of the public. “La Resistencia” has come together and they are splitting the votes between Diego and Madison. While Dania Méndez and Daniella Navarro give their full support to the Colombian.

But how are the percentages going, what are the numbers that we know as preliminary voting intention? We know, for now, that Diego Soldano has a 34% of the votes in his favor, while Madison has 35%. For his part, José Rodríguez has 31% of the votes.

The numbers are very closed, it is very difficult to say, for now, who will be the twelfth eliminated from The House of Famous 3, because everything can change drastically during the elimination gala, where the public has to continue voting en masse to save your favourite.

After the fiery gala this Sunday, Madison and Diego became a trend on social networks. Since Friday, the name of the Puerto Rican has been one of the main topics on Twitter. Anderson’s fans range from Puerto Rico, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, El Salvador and the United States among others. Many are joining the beautiful model and it is that now not only her beauty, sweetness and humility have convinced them, but also her mettle and her character when it comes to defending herself.

Diego Soldano and José were also a trend on Twitter. They say of the Argentine that he stays, of the Colombian they say that he is leaving. At the moment, the numbers are not insured. In the nomination versus Dania Méndez, a stronger and more uneven voting intention was seen. Madison and Pepe always had the highest votes. At the moment the three have 30% of the votes.

The fans have to move and not stop voting during the galas. Tomorrow night, during the twelfth elimination gala, the public will know who will be the fourth that will be left with one less.

The tension in the last hours has risen among the inhabitants and at the moment neither side knows how much they have won the favor of the public. Those from Water believe they are being more honest, fair and transparent than those from Earth, but the public that sees 24/7 seems to disagree since most of the messages sent to the show go against the celebrities who are part of Agua: Paty Navidad, La Materialista, Raúl García and José Rodríguez.

La Casa de los Famosos, an Endemol Shine Boomdog production for Telemundo, a division of Banijay, is executive produced by Francisco “Cisco” Suárez, Executive Vice President of Reality Programming and Prime Time Specials for Telemundo, along with Pancho Calvo as executive producer and Pablo Alonso as showrunner.

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