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This is how the representative of Spain will dress at the festival

Eurovision 2023 is getting closer. There is only one week left until the new edition of the Song Festival officially begins and all the preparations are ready in the city of Liverpool, where one of the most important musical events of the year will be held for yet another year.

The gala will be held at the Liverpool Arena and during these days it has been receiving a large part of the delegations, who have been going up on the venue’s stage to begin carrying out the first rehearsals for the performances. Of course, Blanca Paloma, the Spanish representative, is already on British soil and has been able to carry out her first rehearsal.

The Valencian artist arrived in Liverpool on Wednesday, May 3. An arrival that was somewhat cut short with the loss of a suitcase from the singer’s team. In it were the shoes that her showgirls were going to use in the performance. But everything has been left in a fright and both she and her showgirls have everything ready to dazzle on stage.

Conducting the first rehearsal on the Eurovision stage is always very important. In addition, thanks to this first contact, details of the staging begin to be revealed. One of the most important is the looks of the artist.

Last February we saw, thanks to the Benidorm Fest, a very closed proposal, with the set included, which perfectly represented the strength and charisma of the interpreter. Now the Valencian styling team has redesigned the suit, preserving the essence of the ones we saw.

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Blanca Paloma will wear an archer look, which is made up of three elements. White leather pants, which simulates snakeskin and is inspired by the Goya or bullfighter style. Then the garnet-colored bodice sculpted on a mold accompanied by a black bow that is entwined through her arm as a symbol of a warrior.

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