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Sara Corrales es una de las estrellas de Top Chef VIP 2 de Telemundo.

Top Chef VIP 2 has a prize for first place of $100,000 dollars. This is a competition and the celebrities who participate in it know it, however, this Telemundo program has something different, all those who arrive there forget about the prize and every time they have the opportunity to help someone, even when it is be a competition, they do. They forget themselves in order to rescue someone who needs help.

We saw it in the first season when Lambda García and Gregorio Pernía ran to help their teammates. They stole our hearts!

This same spirit of solidarity was experienced during one of the most recent tests of the second season, where the actress Sara Corrales suffered an accident and ended up cutting herself. Her wound was on her finger and she was immediately treated by the production, however the competition had to continue since the clock never stopped. Corrales with tears in her eyes continued cooking and serving dishes, but she was never alone...

Before the anguished look of Carmen Villalobos, the viewers saw how Helén Ochoa, Marisol Terrazas and Isis Serrath ran next to her, even when they had not yet finished with their respective dishes. Serrath stayed with her until the end!

The same colleagues who compete for the $100,000 dollars recognize that time is money in the program, because each test is timed, however they know that this show gives viewers important moments, where values ​​prevail over the competition.

Here solidarity between colleagues reigned at all times. The only person who did not react was Regina Orozco.

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The program already has its favorites in the opinion of the public. Many believe that the person who should win this edition is none other than Gaby Espino: “If Gaby Spanic does not win this show, it will be super unfair, because she is a true Chef. How creative! I would never imagine that she was going to make a dessert with lasagna material”, commented a faithful follower of the show, before yesterday’s challenge.

Remember that in this program the one who performs best in the kitchen advances, under the faithful observation of the experts. These are: Antonio de Livier, Adria Marina Montaño, and Juan Manuel Barrientos who will judge their performance and effort until they find the winner of the coveted title of Top Chef VIP 2.

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