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Rosalia Cover T-shirt

Rosalía has posed with the special shirt that she will wear next Sunday in the classic that will be held at the Camp Nou against Real Madrid. The Catalan artist has waited for the official presentation by the Blaugrana club to share with all her followers the illusion of being able to be part of one of the biggest sporting events of the year.

A milestone that is also transferred to the women’s team that will wear the same shirt in the next F League classic, which will be held on Saturday March 25 at the Johan Cruyff stadium.

The special shirt that the blaugrana players will wear next Sunday


The special shirt that FB Barcelona will wear at the Camp Nou

The special shirt that FB Barcelona will wear at the Camp Nou


A union that has been possible thanks to Spotify, the club’s main sponsor. The musical platform has been the one that has agreed that the blaugrana players wear the Motomami logo on the front, the name of his successful album.

A sponsorship that was announced at the end of April 2022 and with which the possibility was opened that in important matches the players could wear different advertising chosen by the digital platform -as happened in the last classic in El Bernabéu, in October, when the Barça players wore an owl, the logo of the singer Drake-.

Drake sneaks into the Barça shirt for the classic

Drake sneaks into the Barça shirt for the classic


Other historical fashion collaborations

This is not the first time that a singer has joined the team of his life through fashion. Ed Sheeran announced that he would be the new sponsor of the historic English team Ipswich Town and that, in some way, he would contribute his bit to the design.

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“The third kit is a sleek blackout style with unique sleeves and a short panel style. It incorporates tonal versions of the graphic found on the cover of Ed Sheeran’s Equals album,” they said from the club at the beginning of the season.


The Ipswich Town third shirt