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Helen Lindes in Miss Spain

Helen Lindes (41 years old) won the beauty pageant Miss Spain in 2000, just one year before Lorena Van Heerde from Alicante. At that time, being crowned with this title assured you a successful career in our country, both as a model and on the small screen. This is the case of Helen and many others like Raquel Revuelta, Esther Arroyo or Eva González.

But her success in the world of beauty pageants was far from over, as she caused a sensation in miss Universe in it same year, where she was crowned Second Bridesmaid, staying just a few tenths away from being proclaimed Miss Universe. What she did achieve in this world contest is to win the title of Miss Universal Photogenic, demonstrating internationally how well she looked on camera.

Helen Lindes in Miss Spain

The Spanish

Since then, her life has been non-stop. Little jobs as an actress in series like Afterclasssmall television appearances such as in the Telecinco contest More than dance! and some advertising participations, such as the famous advertisement for nespresso with George Clooney, have made her one of the most successful women in our country.

Although time seems to stand still for Helen, her life is much calmer now. Mama Courage, living fashion legend, lover of travel and influencersHelen Lindes still has a lot to contribute, even though she has spent more than 23 years in an industry that has seen her grow and reach the top.

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Your path in the world of fashion

Helen Lindes on the pink carpet of the 'Elle Cáncer Ball' gala in Madrid

Helen Lindes on the pink carpet of the ‘Elle Cáncer Ball’ gala in Madrid

Jesus Briones

On more than one occasion, Lindes has acknowledged owing a lot to fashion: ”Thanks to it I have been able to travel, learn, learn languages, I was a very shy girl, if it wasn’t for fashion that forced me to be more independent, maybe I would not have overcome that part of my personality,” he explained some time ago in an interview.

His life has practically passed on the catwalk. After winning the Spanish beauty pageant, Lindes secured a permanent place in the main parades, as well as in important advertising campaigns and magazine covers such as Fashion, clear either woman21.

Helen has always been a pioneer in Spain when it comes to taking risks and trying new trends. Her style has varied greatly over the years, but her desire to keep trying new things and her drive for innovation remain intact.

Different necklines, different silhouettes, gala dresses, beading, transparencies, suits… there is nothing Lindes hasn’t tried during the hundreds of events she has attended throughout her career. Although you can appreciate the sophisticated and elegant taste of the Catalan woman, her looks They vary from the classic to the more daring.

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Your family, the most important

For Helen her family has always come first. Her closest entourage was unconditional support at the beginning of her career and the model has always kept them close to her, despite the fame, popularity and environment in which she moves.

In 2011, she began a sentimental relationship with the basketball player Rudy Fernández, whom she married in 2015 in a 17th-century castle in Pollensa, very much in love. Since then, on many occasions he has expressed his love for the athlete, who accompanies, complements and makes him happy: “Thank you for being by my side on this path and for being the husband and father that I always knew you would be”, the model wrote on her Instagram account for Valentine’s Day a few years ago. On this Valentine’s Day, he has once again dedicated a post of hers to her where she has written ”Because we always have those butterflies from the first days… I love you @ rudy5fernandez. Memories of our first “selfie” with kisses… for many more. Happy Valentines!!”

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Besides, the influencers She has two beautiful children: Alan (7 years old) and Aura (4 years old), who have given meaning to her life and a reason to get up every day: ”Since I became a mother, life has changed a lot. I have found what true love means and what a home is. I feel more sure of myself and something to fight for every day,” the model explained to the magazine. HELLO!.

Although the model has always been able to reconcile her professional and personal life, being a mother present in her children’s lives has made her give up certain jobs and projects that have been offered to her. Despite these small sacrifices, Lindes is a proud mother and is very happy to have raised a beautiful and united family.

His facet as an ”influencer”

After more than 20 years of career, the Canary Islander has managed to reinvent herself and has jumped on the social media bandwagon with great skill. In her Instagram profile, she accumulates more than 360,000 followers, with whom she shares all kinds of content, from more personal publications to more professional ones.

Being active on Instagram has also allowed her to connect with the thousands of fans she has in our country and around the world, a following of followers who have been accompanying the model for many years.