This is how flowering is celebrated in the Jerte Valley


One more year we are going to the Jerte Valley to witness one of the great spectacles of nature: the cherry blossom. Because according to what they tell us from this Extremaduran valley, the buds of the cherry trees have already begun to swell and flowering is expected to occur in mid-March.

Next, we explain where it is and how to get to this valley of Caceres (in case you don’t already know), the programming of the different activities of Spring and Cherry Blossom Valle del Jerte, as well as expert advice so that you can enjoy the show while respecting the cycle of nature: because remember, cherry trees do not bloom for you to take photos or to decorate your house.

How to get to the Jerte Valley?

Jerte Valley

This valley is located between the Sierra de Béjar and the Sierra de Tormantos, two mountain ranges of the Gredos massif, south of the Ambroz Valley, made up of eleven municipalities in the province of Cáceres, among which the most populated stand out: Cabezuela del Valle , Navaconcejo, Piornal, Tornavacas and Jerte itself.

Arriving from the northeast, from Ávila, you must take the N-110, pass Piedrahíta and the Barco de Ávila and cross the Port of Tornavacas with its 1275 meters high. From the north, from the area of ​​La Campana where it originates, I descend the Jerte River which gives its name and shapes the valley: the road follows the river bank to the Plasencia reservoir, crossing several of the mentioned towns.

Both in Jerte, first, and in Cabezuela del Valle, later, you have tourist offices to gather information, but start by lowering yourself these maps on the official website.

When do the cherry trees in the Jerte Valley bloom?

Jerte Valley
Jerte Valley

The million dollar question, of course. As it is a natural process that essentially depends on climatic aspects, the cherry blossoms do not always open on the same days, or even all at the same time in the valley: the warmer and lower areas begin earlier, and the higher ones and cold temperatures culminate flowering days later.

The usual average, if we talk about the Jerte Valley, is between second half of March and first half of April. But this winter is being quite strange, as we know, with an unusually warm February and a much colder March.

In fact, as we write these lines, the forecasts tell us of cold and rain for the first half of March, which may delay flowering a little compared to what was expected since the buds of the cherry trees had begun to bulge at the end of February and The start of flowering was scheduled for the middle of the month, earlier than usual.

In any case, the flowering It usually lasts about ten daysso you have time to organize yourself by paying attention to the news. Now, if you are looking for accommodation, hurry because it is a very popular area at this time of year.

And although the flowering is dazzling, don’t forget to respect the environment. If each person who arrives takes a cherry branch as a souvenir, we have made a mess. This attitude causes considerable damage on the trees, leaving them dry for future harvests. Additionally, you can face Economic sanctions and the occasional reproach from the locals who want their land to remain as it is despite the spring tourist invasion.

Jerte Valley spring festival: programming

Spring Festival 2024 Poster
Poster for the 2024 Spring Festival of the Jerte Valley

But, although the flowering is the main attraction of the valley in spring, the 11 municipalities are decked out to receive the thousands of travelers offering countless activities ranging from the official festivals themselves to the hiking trails that we can enjoy at any time of the year, in addition to the culture and gastronomy of this natural region in the north of Cáceres.

The Awakening of the Valley

Like every year, the spring festival is divided into three large blocks, the first being the Awakening of the Valley that marks the beginning of flowering, ending the March 17: Remember that on the 20th of this month spring officially begins with the equinox.

During the last weekend of this first block we have events in Piornal and in the singular cultural center of Cherry Palaceincluding the Cultural Caravan of Rural Women and the Musical Evenings of the palace itself.

Cherry Blossom

On Friday the 22nd, the Cherry Blossom Festival also starts in Piornal. For Saturday, April 6, the party reaches Cabezuela del Valle with activities such as the show “Live the sixties”, landscape interpretation walks, an exhibition by the group Mujeres del Valle que Miran al Prado and a popular festival. On Sunday the 7th, don’t miss the XIII Closing Cherry Blossom Hiking Route.

Rain of Petals

The third block starts on April 8 at the Palacio del Cerezo and runs until Friday, May 3. During this month we will have new routes, a Renaissance market, the XII “Garganta de los Infiernos” mountain race, pilgrimages and processions and the Tornavacas Fire Nightan ancestral fire festival with large bonfires through the streets of the town.

about the Spring and Cherry Blossom programming in Valle del Jerte here.