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It is already a reality, oil will be extracted in the vicinity of Alaska, in the United States. This plan has already been approved by the current US president, Joe Biden, and will be called the “Willow” Project. It should be noted that this same activity receives a lot of criticism from environmental groups, who assure that such activity will produce large levels of contamination.

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Alaska oil and the project approved by Joe Biden

The president of the USA, Joe Bidenapproved a plan that receives the name of “Willow”. This project will seek to extract oil within the state of Alaska. Before the approval of Joe Bidenmultiple environmental groups severely criticized the project.

This Monday, March 13, 2023, the approval of this plan was communicated through a report revealed by the authorities to the public.

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Led by a Houston company

According to the record, the project is led by i know phillips. This company is of an international nature and is within the field of energy. Its headquarters are located in Houston Texas and is the third largest oil company in the entire American nation.

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The project will be done within the Alaska National Petroleum Reservein the territory of Federal government, about 200 miles from the Arctic Circle. This area is considered one of the richest areas in biodiversity in the world, and is one of the least explored within the USA.

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What will this project do?

He willow project will allow ConocoPhillips to begin drilling for oil within the territory of Alaska, in about three zones. The report that was revealed to the public indicates that the international company asked to carry out excavations in two other sites, however, the authorities of the Executive branch of the nation decided to postpone their approval in this regard.

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According to the multinational company, i know phillips, this project would bring about 250,000 jobs during the construction phase. When the project is ready, it will create another 300 jobs, helping to produce around 180,000 barrels of oil per day.

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The estimated income

Similarly, the projectWillow” will bring with it revenues ranging from $8 billion to $17 billion. These will be given through taxes for the Federal governmentthe management of the state of Alaska and local administrations within the regions involved. This confirms it i know phillipsin a statement on its website.

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Against the “Willow” project

Meanwhile, many groups in favor of environmental protection criticized this new approval. One of these was the Council for the Defense of Natural Resources (NRDC, for its acronym in English). The members of the NRDC severely criticized the decision of the current president’s administration, Joe Biden. They consider that this project fails to fulfill the promises for 2030 of the current administrationwhich seeks to reduce greenhouse gases and promote the creation of green energy.

Environmental groups consider the project “Willowwill cause great water pollution and the air within Alaskaand will strongly affect the migratory patterns of fauna within the area.

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