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Líderes políticos de la Gran Manzana, como el director de NYIC, Murad Awawdeh, en la manifestación

Political leaders from the Big Apple, such as the director of NYIC, Murad Awawdeh, at the demonstration

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The anti-immigrant law signed in Florida several days ago by Governor Ron DeSantis, who, among other things, requires hospitals and other agencies to collect data on the migratory status of those who require their services, has generated concern in the so-called Sunshine State. And in order to guarantee that no type of collaboration or complicity between authorities and ‘La Migra’ takes place in New York, neither now nor in the future, political leaders of the Big Apple and the State, demanded this Friday that Albany already Governor Kathy Hochul to pass the lawnew york for everyone“.

This was warned during a demonstration that took place in Lower Manhattan to push the project of law by state senator Andrew Gounardeswhich would limit levels in local police officers can help federal agencies, such as the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service (ICE) and the Office of Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

The bill warns that “by limiting the degree to which local law enforcement can be complicit in ICE and CBP detainers,” the state would align with the City and other states such as New Jersey, Washington, and California, guaranteeing that there will be no collaboration. It would also prohibit local government employees from asking and reporting the immigration status of New Yorkers, notifying ICE of release or court dates, transferring people into ICE custody, or using ICE agents as interpreters, except when is required by a valid court order.

The protesters also took the opportunity to denounce the legislation approved in Florida, which will take effect on June 1, and made it clear that New York will fight for being a state where regardless of origin or immigration status, everyone can live, work and help their communities.

“All New Yorkers deserve the right to live their daily lives in peace, whether it’s going to work or picking up their children from school,” assured Senator Gounardes. “And the New York for All Act would give immigrant New Yorkers that peace. Passing it has never been more crucial than now, with the passage of strident anti-immigrant legislation in Florida last week. New York has never been Florida, but we need to make sure it never can be.”

State Senator Julia Salazar, joined the call for the state Legislature, advising that in light of “anti-immigrant rhetoric and legislation across the country,” New York must make it clear that it is a safe haven for immigrants.

“This law will protect immigrant New Yorkers from devastating family separation and community disruption. Our Legislature must urgently respond to the calls of our constituents and ensure that ICE cannot arm local law enforcement and allow immigrant New Yorkers to participate in government services without fear,” said the Latino politician.

Murad Awawdeh, Executive Director of the New York Immigration Coalition (NYIC)recalled that New York has been “a beacon of hope for immigrants”, a principle that contrasts with what is happening in states like Florida and Texas, and urged greater protections to avoid taking risks.

“New York State can address this legislative wave of xenophobia in other parts of the country by passing the New York for All Act. This common sense bill would ensure that the resources of our local police officers and state agencies are not used to carry out federal immigration enforcement, no matter where in the state they are located,” the advocate said. of immigrants. “We can build trust in all New York communities and give our immigrant neighbors the opportunity to freely live their lives and contribute to their local economies.”

State Senator Robert Jacksonstressed that the “New York for All” ActIt is a way of counterbalancing anti-immigrant movements such as the piece of legislation signed by Florida Republicans, which will also punish employers who hire undocumented workers and those who transport undocumented people from other parts of the state, regardless of whether they are family members .

“All New Yorkers, regardless of immigration status, deserve the opportunity to live openly and freely, participate fully in their communities, and support their families without fear or intimidation. Let’s follow the example set by other jurisdictions that prioritize inclusion and limit the involvement of local law enforcement with federal immigration enforcement,” Jackson said. “New York State can provide crucial protections that pave the way for a more inclusive and compassionate society.”

Shahana Hanif, president of the Immigration Committee of the Big Apple City Council, warned that despite living in a Sanctuary City like New York, only until the New York for All Act is approved, millions of undocumented immigrants could be separated from their families with a simple call to ICE.

“Especially as more asylum seekers are relocated upstate to municipalities without strong detention protections, the need for comprehensive protections for our immigrant communities is greater than ever,” the municipal legislator said, urging Albany to give protections for all undocumented immigrants by guaranteeing that New York is a sanctuary state.

Rosa Cohen-Cruz, Director of immigration policy for The Bronx Defenders, said now is the time for New York State to “clearly and loudly” back its support for immigrants with law policies.

“It is not enough to use the resources of our state to offer services and support to immigrants while simultaneously working with ICE to arrest and detain them. A fair immigration policy ends our State’s collusion with ICE and instead creates a welcoming environment where everyone can thrive,” said the advocate.

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