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They repatriate 96 Dominicans who were trying to reach PR

The US Coast Guard reported this Wednesday that it repatriated to the Dominican Republic 96 immigrants detained in three boats off the west coast of Puerto Rico.

The three boats, heavily overloaded, were detected by the crew of a Customs and Border Protection multipurpose aircraft that was patrolling the Mona Channelwhich separates Puerto Rico from the Dominican Republic.

Coast Guard watchmen in the San Juan Sector diverted their boats Winslow Griesser and Joseph Tezanos to intercept the suspicious vesselsaccording to the statement.

In the first boat they traveled 50 people, including 41 men, eight women and one minorwho claimed to be citizens of the Dominican Republic.

On board the second there were 19 people (15 men and four women), who claimed to be Dominican nationals.

The third boat carried 28 Dominican men and three women, as well as two citizens of Haiti.

Of all of them, the minor remains on board the patrol boat pending coordination of the transfer with representatives of the National Council for Children and Adolescents in the Dominican Republic, while another five migrants require further immigration processing before being repatriated.

From October 1, 2022 to April 30, 2023, the Coast Guard has intercepted 31 illegal trips in waters near Puerto Rico, where it has detained 992 immigrants, most of them (758) Dominicans.

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