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They propose to ban TikTok in the Government of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rican legislator José Meléndez Ortiz, of the ruling New Progressive Party, will file a bill on Monday that will prohibit the use of TikTok in the three branches of government of the island: legislative, executive and judicial.

“Given the plethora of incidents and irregularities associated with the use of the TikTok social network, tomorrow I will file a bill that would prohibit the use of said application in the systems of the three branches of government: legislative, executive and judicial,” said Meléndez. on your Facebook account.

The representative mentioned that currently 27 states in the United States have prohibited the use of the social network on all equipment and systems operated by the government.

“In fact, the use of this platform has been prohibited in federal government systems since December 2022,” he said.

“The risk to the security of the data stored there, as well as the personal information of the users and the indiscriminate use of this network are the reasons for its prohibition“, he explained.

He also said that in 2017, China approved legislation that forces companies, such as the Chinese BayteDance -owner of TikTok-, to exchange data with the Chinese government on intelligence matters, that includes even user information and content.

In view of this, he warned that “the cybernetic infrastructure of the government Puerto Rico, which has suffered a series of attacks as in other jurisdictions, could also be at the mercy of that Communist Chinese law.”

“That’s why it’s important to protect government systems, and one way to do that is by banning this app,” he said.

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Meléndez also said that in European countries such as the United Kingdom and Italy “they are evaluating the prohibition of TikTok at all levels.”

“They have both banned it in government,” he said, while also mentioning that India imposed a full ban on the app and Australia implemented the ban in government last week.

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