They leaked a video of Anuel AA’s reaction when Karol G received an award for the song ‘TQG’ | Entertainment | The USA Print

They leaked a video of Anuel AA's reaction when Karol G received an award for the song 'TQG'

A few days ago they held the MTV Video Music Awards 2023, a gala where various personalities were recognized for the success obtained in the last year, after having been nominated with other talented singers and among them were Taylor Swift, Shakira and Karol Gwho also won an award for the musical theme ‘TQG’, where they talk about past love relationships.

On February 24, 2023, the song that definitely led them to success was released, first because many fans were excited after knowing that two Colombians worked together to continue captivating all those who support their professional career, a fact that led them to receive an award for ‘Best Collaboration’, but how did they react Anuel AA?

Internet users took a few seconds of their time to comment on the brief seconds where the reggaeton singer’s face can be seen, and many They have assured that although they have not been together for several years, he has always been happy for the successes that ‘La Bichota’ has managed to achieve.

However, others highlighted the negative side after saying that Surely for him it was a possibly painful moment after not being able to hug her and congratulate her. for the awards obtained, thus she assured that that night she managed to fulfill a large number of dreams.

He applauds her triumph, suffering in silence, what else can he do”, “But don’t get agitated, mijo, drink your 200 drinks”, “Anuel, he is not a saint of my devotion, but he has always been happy for Karol’s triumphs and I believe that he will always celebrate them, Karol will truly always make him the love of his life…”, “He has never been envious of her and is always happy about her triumphs.”“,” “It must be painful to see his ex, more beautiful than ever and triumphing without him,” “She is a humble woman and respects her colleagues who have been in this field longer,” “Dying for her, having her so close and not even being able to hug her,” were some of the reactions recorded in the post.

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