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The albiceleste was crowned after beating France in the penalty shootout.

The albiceleste was crowned after beating France in the penalty shootout.

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The Argentine team managed to become the current World Cup champion in Qatar 2022 thanks to an impressive display of sporting ability and a good strategist made by the coach Lionel Scaloni; This fact allowed Lionel Messi to be able to lift his long-awaited trophy after a disputed final against the French team that ended up being defined in a penalty shootout.

Given this fact, the former defender of the Uruguayan team and football idol in that country, Diego Lugano, assured without any remorse that the team led by Lionel Messi and Lionel Scaloni was benefited by the arbitration decisions during the World Cup, which is why who managed to reach the final and get the title.

These statements were made during an interview for Uruguayan radio “Sports Carve“, where he highlighted that this show of support by the whistlers could be better reflected in the final against France thanks to penalties.

“They helped Argentina to be world champion. There is no doubt that they gave him a helping hand. They will have their merits, but of the five penalties they gave him, four no one has doubts that they were not totally forced. That is a reality. But well, it is also the merit of Messi, who moves a lot worldwide, ”he said.

Lugano, who was champion of the Copa América in 2011 with the Charrúas, was quite critical of the VAR by ensuring that this video mechanism has taken responsibility away from the referees; He maintained that it has caused a strong shock in the performance of soccer and gave the last Clásico in Argentina as an example.

“Since the VAR was introduced, excessive power has been given to the judge to interpret what he wants at any time. In a game there can be 20 penalties or none and I think football is chaos. I told that to bald Pierluigi Colina (a member of UEFA) at the World Cup, also with some bitch for what he did to us. He happens in Argentina too. Didn’t you see the penalty from Boca to River? In Brazil too… ”, he concluded.

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