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The footballer already has more than four months in prison.

The footballer already has more than four months in prison.

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The case of alleged sexual assault by Dani Alves on a 23-year-old woman in a nightclub in the city of Barcelona it has become one of the most important events of the year; especially since he has already been in Brians II prison for four months by decision of the authorities.

Despite this, the investigation against him could experience a drastic turn in the face of constant requests by his lawyers for him to be released thanks to the 200 page report that would show his innocence; The text is also supported by graphic evidence that would show that the woman was the one who took the opportunity to have relations with the Brazilian.

Now the “En boca de todos” program has exclusively revealed the latest statements made by the former UNAM Pumas player about his version of events and in which he assured that the act occurred because he understood that it was something that she also wanted. .

I cannot ratify my first statement because that day I had an obsession, which was to protect my marriage, the woman I love. Right away… a sexual attraction between me and the lady… I noticed her good disposition for the way she danced and approached me,” said Dani Alves.

Although Bruno acted as a screen for us, we were exposed and that was when I told her to move all that to the bathroom. When I got inside the bathroom, I peed and two or three minutes later, since I didn’t get there, I went out. It’s not that I went out again to call her, but when I’m leaving her I practically find her at the door. She at no time did she refuse, ”she added.

The statements also detail the moment when the woman would have been upset against the player, this being the possible point for her to testify against Alves.

No, I certainly don’t. I was simply an accomplice of the desire that she had or of the desire that I had. I told him: ‘Well, I’ll be back sooner, wait a bit and then come back there.’ I guess that’s when she got mad. When we go out, we always do it at a fast pace to avoid any crowds and I didn’t see her at the start”, concluded the full-back.

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