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Con este dispositivo podrías caminar mucho más rápido.

Shift Robotics, an American start-up, has invented a device designed to be strapped to your own shoes to increase walking speed by up to 250%.

With this device, you could walk more than 6 miles per hourabout three times faster than normal in a human being.

The “moonwalkers” they look like skates, but their technology does not allow them to roll freely, so that the user does not lose balance.

Thanks to machine learning algorithms, the shoes only move when you do: they can stop whenever you want, lock to go up or down stairs, and automatically regulate their speed when going downhill.

The device has certain systems that can make it stop or block when the user wishes and in the same way continue its progress.

A video of the shoes shared on TikTok went viral earlier this year, racking up millions of views.

The company’s founder and chief executive, Xunjie Zhang, says the idea for his invention came after his scooter nearly crashed on his way to work. It was then that he wondered why he, like many others, never walked to work.

“Many people don’t trust walking. This is surprising, considering that it is much safer, more convenient, and better for the environment,” says Shift Robotics in its crowdfunding page from Kickstarter.

The problem, the team said, is that walking is too slow and inefficient. “So we set out to enhance walking rather than replace it.”

With a team of jet propulsion engineers at the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute and robots and shoe designers, Zhang has spent the past five years trying to design the world’s fastest shoes by “relying on the body’s own engineering.”

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Shift Robotics says that unlike skating, Moonwalkers don’t require skills to learn, it’s all about genuine walking. According to the company, theArtificial Intelligence adapts to the way each user walks and the algorithms take less than 10 steps to learn the user’s walking patterns.

“Just like the moving walkways you see at airports, with every step you take, the conveyor belt moves under your feet.” Zhang told Insider. “The faster you walk, the faster the shoes walk with you.”

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