They close their tour with ‘full’ and are already preparing their assault on La Riviera | The USA Print

They close their tour with 'full' and are already preparing their assault on La Riviera



Twenty-one smells like filling stadiums. To weight band The group from Toledo posted ‘no tickets’ on Saturday night in the Mon room, the same thing they will do again today Sunday to consolidate themselves definitively -if they weren’t already- as an indie reality in Spain. Because with two concerts to go to close their ‘Ya no nos hablamos’ tour, they have managed to sell all the paper in almost all the places where they have played. A tour of theaters will give way to a summer full of festivalsin which Veintiuno shows muscle after having been invited to participate in practically all the big events: Granada Sound, Sonorama, Boombastic,… a summer season that will be perfect for gathering new fans for his already powerful legion of followers.

We say that Veintiuno looks set to become a big band because they are taking the steps to achieve it, despite the fact that the pandemic caused all his progression to stop dead. Musically they have a very personal and recognizable sound: it is difficult to confuse them with another band. In addition, they have managed to create high-quality themes with a strong commercial component. If we add to this that they are talented musicians -during live it is possible to see how they change instruments at various times-, a premium category cocktail comes out.

Despite this, they keep their feet on the ground and in fact, for the current tour they ended up deciding to be prudent, playing in small venues but with the guarantee of being able to sign to full houses, something that has ended up happening in most gigs. But on this tour, something has changed: they were able to hang up the ‘no tickets’ very soon, something that had never happened to them, as they told in an interview here at Vozpopuli. They themselves do not finish expressing their disbelief for what they are living this last year.

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Their growth has made them decide to go one step further, at least in Madrid: will play at La Riviera next January, which allows them to say openly that they are a great reality within the Spanish indie. For those who are not from Madrid, the city has three big steps: small rooms, La Riviera and the Wizink Center. It is true that to play in the latter they still have a long way to go, but seeing their progression is enough to predict that they will end up playing in the great coliseum of Madrid music sooner rather than later. At the moment, they have already managed to access that second level.

Veintiuno currently has an album in the works and this will be important, since it will be the one that will allow them to take the leap they need to start appearing on the front lines of all those festivals in which they already have an important presence. His cover letter, ‘Hunch’, is already powerful enough… but after listening to ‘La ruina’, ‘La vida moderna’ or ‘Escalofríos’, everything indicates that his new job will have many more bombings.

Also, they have a great live show. They opened the concert with ‘La ruina’, one of his most solid songs, to later go on to play his entire repertoire. At times, it was difficult to hear Diego, vocalist, sing from the audience: the enthusiastic attendees were capable of sounding louder than him on some occasions. Rafa, the group’s guitarist, raised his hands to his head at various times for this. After all, not so long ago they were a group of friends who practically played in front of family and friends.

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A very special moment was when he took the stage Maialen Gurbindo, better known as Startle Girl. She is a good friend of the group and also shares one of their most popular songs with them: ‘Nudes’. They also played their latest song, ‘La orilla’ or perhaps the most special they have composed: ‘My monster and I’. His two most famous songs were left for last: first it was ‘Dopamine’ and then, ‘Modern life’, a song that had the collaboration of Love of Lesbian. It was a spectacular finale for a group that, with this tour, has already shown that these rooms are too small for them