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They capture the alleged murderers of prosecutor Marcelo Pecci | The USA Print


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Twenty-five days after the murder of Paraguayan prosecutor Marcelo Pecci on a beach in Barú, in the Colombian Caribbean, 5 suspects involved in the murder were captured in Medellín. President Iván Duque confirmed that it is “all the presumed involved, including the material author of the homicide.”

From the United States, Duque added that the intelligence operation was carried out in conjunction with the Paraguayan authorities and that there is robust information to prosecute the detainees. However, they will only provide details after those captured go through the process of legalizing their captures before a judge.

The Colombian president’s message was answered by his peer, Mario Abdo Benítez. “We appreciate the commitment of the Colombian State agencies. The investigation into the tragic death of prosecutor Marcelo Pecci, in which police and prosecutors from both countries work cooperatively seeking justice, advances with the capture of the suspects in his death, ”the president of Paraguay wrote on his Twitter.

The operation that began at dawn this Friday was carried out in the Loma de los Bernal and Robledo neighborhoods in Medellín; as well as in the nearby city of Envigado and among those captured there is a woman and a Venezuelan citizen. There were “two search and search procedures,” the attorney general, Francisco Barbosa, also reported. While in Asunción, Commissioner Nimio Cardona, anti-kidnapping chief of the Paraguayan Police, said that it was a “technical and scientific” job, to find the perpetrators.

Pecci’s murder occurred on May 10 on the beach of a prestigious hotel in Barú, 45 minutes from Cartagena, when two assassins who traveled on a motorcycle arrived at the place where he rested with his wife, Claudi Aguilera. One of the killers got off the jet ski and shot him three times with a nine-millimeter pistol.

So far it is known that the man who fired the weapon is not a Colombian national, he is 1.74 tall; that he, together with the other hit man, rented a jet ski for 200,000 pesos for 30 minutes, and that they used it between 7 and 13 minutes to commit the crime. “They bordered the beach to the place, they went down, they executed, they came back, they went to a parking lot that was behind the motoski place and they went along an internal (land) route,” Manuel Doldán, prosecutor for International Affairs, said a fortnight ago. Monumental Radio of Paraguay.

On that occasion, Doldán announced that the assassins did not escape by sea, but instead took a road that leads to Cartagena. From the moment of the homicide, the Police published a spoken portrait of the assassin and verified the security cameras of at least 102 hotels in Cartagena. They also analyzed “migratory movements of the previous and subsequent flights from Paraguay and verified the list of people who were in the hotels and places where Pecci was with his wife, who is expecting a baby.

In accordance with RCN news, the homicide would have been planned in the Plaza Minorista de Envigado, where the detainees met today as soon as the prosecutor landed in Colombia to celebrate their honeymoon. The medium also revealed that the group was divided into three to travel to Cartagena. And that a man and a woman (who are among those detained) made reservations at a travel agency. They were the so-called “markers”, who continued to inform the assassins of the movements of the prosecutor and his wife.

About the masterminds

It remains to be seen which criminal organization is behind the order to commit the murder. Pecci was a Specialized Prosecutor against Organized Crime in Paraguay and was in charge of several of the most important drug trafficking and money laundering cases in that country.

Marcelo Pecci during a press conference in Paraguay, in May of this year.
Marcelo Pecci during a press conference in Paraguay, in May of this year.DANIEL DUARTE (AFP)

The Colombian Police had assured a few weeks ago that Pecci’s murder had a high level of planning that involved many economic resources, so they do not rule out the participation of any of the criminal organizations that had been the subject of the prosecutor’s investigations. Without committing to a hypothesis, the director of the Colombian Police, General Jorge Vargas, said that “two of the main investigations carried out by prosecutor Pecci in Latin America were against the so-called First Capital Command (PCC) and the structure known as Point 50, in the south of the continent”.

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