They arrest thieves who forgot their credentials in the car they stole in Mexico | The USA Print

Arrestan a ladrones en Querétaro.

three thieves They believed that they had gotten away with their misdeeds, but an oversight landed them in prison, since they forgot their credentials in the car they had stolen and later left.

central state police Queretaro, Mexicoarrested three people who stole a executive Taxi, after they found some credentials in the unit that was abandoned.

According to police investigations, it all started when one of the thieves, whose identity was not revealed, requested the service of an application taxi in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuatoneighboring state of Querétaro.

They requested the service of an executive taxi

The taxi driver came to perform the servicewhere two of the people involved got on board, asking him to take them to the community of Montenegro, in Santa Rosa Jáuregui, in the state of Querétaro, in the center of the country.

Apparently everything went normally on the way, until they arrived for the third person in Santa Rosa Jáuregui, apparently it was a man. Later they asked the taxi driver to go to the stake communityin the same state of Querétaro.

The driver, without suspecting that he would be a victim of crime, followed the route indicated by the alleged passengers, according to what was reported by state authorities.

They stole the taxi

When they arrived at the requested site, everything suddenly changed, since one of the passengers threatened the driver with a gun and stripped him of the vehicle.

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The other two accomplices only watched how the crime was committed and later fled in the stolen car.

The thieves believed that their crime had gone perfectly, but it was not.

Since the taxi driver filed the corresponding complaint and officers of the Querétaro Attorney General’s Office located the stolen carwhere they found the credentials of the alleged thieves, who were later arrested and linked to the process.

The authorities indicated that there are two women and one man involved in the theft of the vehicle.

The police did not reveal the identity of the thieves or the victim, but indicated that the investigations are still open.

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