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They advise Tony Khan to release fighters who do not want to be in AEW

Eric Bischoff advises Tony Khan to release wrestlers who are unhappy in the company.

In recent weeks, AEW has been in the spotlight mainly due to the firing of CM Punk. With his departure, it is expected that the atmosphere in the locker room will return to normal and that internal conflicts will decrease. This is especially relevant since in the last year, controversies have been a constant.

In the latest episode of the 83 Weeks podcast, Eric Bischoff discussed the internal controversies in AEW and advised Tony Khan to allow the departure of those wrestlers who are not satisfied with their roles in the company. According to Bischoff, keeping people dissatisfied only encourages more internal problems.

There are some talents in AEW that are very important talents. I’m not going to name them, you know who they are. They know who they are. There are also a lot of talents there that don’t matter. It is what it is. If those people who don’t matter are also the discontented, why keep them? Those malcontents are going to turn other people into malcontents. Release them and let them apply their craft where they can. If you have to impose a 90-day non-compete clause on them, so be it. This is how the world works.

Since 2019, Tony Khan has done everything he can to prevent the release of fighters. It is well known that last year, Malakai Black asked to be released, but the company refused to grant his request. Furthermore, it is a known fact that Tony Khan does not want WWE to profit from wrestlers being released.

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