These are the world champions who were present at Lautaro Martínez’s wedding | The USA Print

These are the world champions who were present at Lautaro Martínez's wedding

These are the world champions who were present at Lautaro Martínez's wedding | The USA Print

Last weekend the Inter striker Lautaro Martínez, he married Agustina Gandolfo in a luxurious hotel in northern Italy. The ceremony was attended by about 120 people, including some players from the Argentine team, here are some of the world champions who attended.

The members of the “Scaloneta” who attended the event were: “Dibu” Martínez, Gerónimo Rulli, Nicolás Tagliafico, Enzo Fernández, Nicolás González, Joaquín Correa and Alexis Mac Allister.

In addition to the players of the Argentine national team Romelu Lukaku, teammate of “El Toro” at Inter Milan was present, who was also accompanied by the American rapper Megan Thee Stallion; who presume that they could currently be a couple.

One of the great absences in this “wedding of champions” was precisely the captain of the Argentine team Lionel Messi, who was in Barcelona with his wife Antonela Roccuzzo enjoying the Coldplay concert.

As for the venue where the event took place, it was in Lake Como in the Villa d’Este complex, a former royal residence dating from 1873 and one of the most exclusive sites in northern Italy.

The Champions League in sight

Lautaro Martínez’s wedding with his girlfriend of 5 years ago will surely be a little respite to face what is coming next June 10, when the Champions League final is played between Inter and Manchester City.

The Argentine attacker will surely start in the match where his team will seek to raise the fourth “Orejona” in its history at the Ataturk Olympic Stadium in Turkey. As for the local championship, the Italian series A has one last day left, Inter is in third place with 69 units and could climb to the second box if they win their last match against Torino and Lazio lose against Empoli away.

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