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During the last few seasons, makeup trends have navigated between two diametrically opposed currents: the most absolute minimalism, with extreme naturalness as its flag, and pure fantasy. In this sense, we have comfortably moved between bright eye shadows – and which, inspired by the phenomenon Euphoria, have staged a showy comeback after years relegated to the background–, and the effect no make up so to the taste of the French.

Although everything indicates that in 2023 this duality will continue to be the norm, new nuances are also appearing. From the return of matte skin thanks to foundations that improve skin texture and keep shine at bay, to new finishes and shades for eye shadows and blushes. The objective, yes, remains the same: to be favored and with a good face and, for this, there are certain general lines that already point ways.

Returns dull skin
There are few beauty products that are asked for as much as make-up bases. Perfecting our skin and showing off its best version is what the new generation of makeup bases pursues, but if the ‘glow effect’ has been the trend par excellence up to now, this season matte finishes return without losing sight, yes, the natural appearance of the face. “A matte finish should enhance, but never mask your skin,” says François Nars, founder and creative director of NARS Cosmetics.

The beauty firm has just launched Soft Matte Complete Foundation, An innovative foundation with a light-textured formula that controls shine and provides a natural look. This does not mean that luminous skin has ceased to be in fashion, but rather that both trends will coexist to achieve the healthiest skin possible. Soft Matte Complete Foundation is, according to the brand, “the new version of matte”, a foundation that hydrates while mattifying and treats the skin thanks to the exclusive NARS Anti-Oxidation Complex, which protects the skin from pollution and blue light.

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In addition, the new Hydramatte Balancing Complex balances excess sebum while keeping skin hydrated with a combination of microalgae and bio hyaluronic acid. From the brand they guarantee up to sixteen hours of duration, a tone resistant to oxidation that remains intact throughout the day and a natural-looking full coverage.

Mattifying powders: the new obsession

The white eyeliner, the lip gloss, the lip liner… star makeup trends in the 2000s that we thought would never come back but we have fallen for again, and the same goes for mattifying powders. Of course, the new formulations guarantee a uniform tone without imperfections without a feeling of dryness or caking. Soft Matte Advanced Perfecting Powder is the new proposal from NARS, multi-use powders to perfect the skin with niacinamide, which Immediately controls shine, minimizes the appearance of pores and improves facial skin texture in just four weeks. They can be applied alone, to achieve matte coverage with a natural effect, or over foundation to set makeup for 24 hours. On sale from March 2.

good color always

With Orgasm blush, NARS was a decade ahead of the macro trend of no makeup or how to get up to look just woken up, young and shiny. It works with any outfit, day or night, with or without more makeup. This season, the firm is committed to a pair of spin off which, in addition to setting the tone in terms of blush trends, exalt the original.

Orgasm Four Play Blush Quad is a palette with four blush shades that includes the iconic peachy pink, a duo of intense pinks and a golden highlighter. The result is a blush that sculpts and reflects light thanks to the Light Reflecting Blush formula. In addition, the brand renews the packaging and adds one more shade of rosy bronze to The Multiplethe multi-use stick version of Orgasm for eyes, cheeks, lips and body.

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Experiment with eye shadows

Considered a cosmetic totem, the famous NARS Orgasm blush is being declined this season in a limited-edition collection based on (guess what) the iconic peachy pink of the famous blush. The Orgasm Rising Eyeshadow Palette It is made up of nine shades with different finishes –matte, satin and shiny– that guarantee impact makeup with just one swipe. From sparkling amber to metallic copper, satin terracotta or matte warm chestnut, eye shadows establish themselves as an element of self-expression within the makeup routine.

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