These 7 common household objects can affect your Wi-Fi signal | The USA Print

These 7 common household objects can affect your Wi-Fi signal | The USA Print

In our modern world, Staying connected to the Internet is essential, and the backbone of this connectivity is the reliable Wi-Fi router.

But did you know that Sometimes the problem is not in the router itself, but in the objects that you have placed near it? That’s why we want to delve into some common household items that could be sabotaging your Wi-Fi signal, according to “verified” data from the specialized site IFLScience and other means.

Also, remember that with a few adjustments to the layout of your home and the location of your device, You can enjoy a smoother and more reliable online experience.

7 household objects that can affect the Wi-Fi signal

1.- Water tanks: unexpected culprits

Large water containers, regardless of their contents, They can interfere with the Wi-Fi signal.

These tanks have the ability to absorb radio frequenciesmaking them problematic when placed near your router.

Interestingly, even external factors such as rain can affect signals, as water droplets absorb signals, potentially reducing coverage.

2.- Metal objects and mirrors: signals that bounce

If your router is located next to a large mirror, You may be deflecting Wi-Fi signals when they bounce off your surface.

This drift can create signal dead zones within your home, according to IFLScience, leading to frustrating connectivity issues even when devices are in close proximity.

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3.- Microwave: not only for popcorn

Microwave ovens, while perfect for heating up leftovers, They can disrupt your Wi-Fi signal due to the small amounts of radiation they emit., according to the Think Big blog.

Although these microwaves produce radio signals, their frequency, 2.4 GHz, aligns with your Wi-Fi, causing temporary interruptions when you enjoy your quick microwave meals.

4.- Large objects: clear the way

Your router’s Wi-Fi signal, while impressive, is easily obstructed by barriers. The radio waves used in Wi-Fi are relatively short, which causes them to lose strength quickly.

Ensuring a clear path between your router and your devices can significantly improve the quality of your connection. Avoid placing the router behind the couch or any other large obstruction.

These 7 common household objects can affect your Wi-Fi signal | The USA Print
The importance of placing your router will maintain the quality of your Wi-Fi. (Photo: MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)

5.- Cordless phones: surprising interference

In some homes there are still cordless phones that operate at a frequency similar to that of Wi-Fi routers.

Placing these devices near your router can cause slow connections and interference problems.

6.- Bluetooth devices: closer is not always better

Devices like wireless headphones or speakers that use Bluetooth technology can also interfere with Wi-Fi signals..

The proximity of these devices to your router plays a crucial role, as closer proximity causes larger disturbances.

Keeping your Bluetooth devices away from your router can help improve your Wi-Fi experience.

7.- Electronic devices: unwanted interruptions

It may seem contradictory, but some electronic devices that are not directly related to your network can interrupt your Wi-Fi signal.

Baby monitors, fluorescent lights, and various devices can emit frequencies that interfere with your router’s signal. It is also not recommended to have the router very close to the television..

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To optimize your Wi-Fi performance, keep the proximity of your router free of unrelated electronic devices.

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