The writer Jorge Edwards, winner of the Cervantes Prize, dies at the age of 91 | The USA Print

The writer Jorge Edwards, winner of the Cervantes Prize, dies at the age of 91



the chilean writer Jorge Edwards, winner of the Cervantes Prize in 1999, has died in Madrid at the age of 91as he has advanced abc.

Edwards (Santiago de Chile, 1931), one of the most relevant writers of the Spanish language, He was a member of the Chilean Academy of Language, and his literary career won him numerous awards, such as the National Literature Award in 1994 and the Cervantes Award in 1999.

His extensive and varied work includes short stories, novels, essays and memoirs, as well as a regular presence in newspapers around the world as a columnist. Among his novels it is easy to remember the weight of the night (1965), the stone guests (1978), The wax museum (1981), The host (1988), the origin of the world (nineteen ninety six), The Dream of History (2000) or The useless of the family (2004).

Persona non gratathe memories that put him under the spotlight

his memories Persona non grata (1973), became the first critic of a Latin American intellectual to the Cuban regime, is today a classic of its kind. in the biography goodbye, poet1990 Comillas Award for History, Biography and Memories, drew a personal and surprising portrait of the figure of Pablo Neruda.

His works have been translated into numerous languages, and he has received the most prestigious awards, both for his literary career and for his diplomatic career, always committed to democracy, freedom and human rights.

After Montaigne’s death (2011), Edwards published the first volume of his memoirs, the purple circles (2013).

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