The Witcher: casting director says Liam Hemsworth has as many fans as Henry Cavill and they will easily save the show – The USA Print

The Witcher: casting director says Liam Hemsworth has as many fans as Henry Cavill and they will easily save the show - Tomatazos

henry cavill He is one of the most beloved actors by the public, but he is also one that everyone knows has not been able to exploit his potential. In addition to all the chaos that occurred in DC that ended with him saying goodbye to Superman after the cameo in Black Adam- 52% that he had to revive his version, the interpreter decided to leave The Witcher- 67%, an adaptation that at first he was very excited about and that now has a complicated future with the changes that will come for future seasons. The creators of the series did not bother to fight for it and replaced it with Liam Hemsworth, a decision that many say will condemn the project; however, others support the new actor and even believe that he has the same fan base for the series to continue for a long time.

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The Witcher was born as a saga of books written by Andrzej Sapkowski to tell the stories of a magical medieval world where Geralt of Rivia is one of the main characters, although the canon certainly extends to other lineages and protagonists. As this story has reached other media such as video games and comics, in addition to generating some adaptations as a film and television series that precede the Netflix project, Hollywood did not want to be left behind to exploit the saga as much as possible. After talking about a film franchise, the famous streaming company acquired the rights to develop a new series in the same line of Game of Thrones – The Witcher: casting director says Liam Hemsworth has as many fans as Henry Cavill and they will easily save the show - The USA Print83% that could be used for several years and with different spin-offs.

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When it was announced that henry cavill he would be the protagonist of the story the fans were delighted because the actor had already mentioned on several occasions that he was a great fan of novels and was an expert like few others. Expectations were raised thanks to this, since it was thought that the actor would have a certain power of decision for being someone who has spent years investigating and dealing with the saga, and perhaps that is something that he himself expected. Although the first season was not so well received due to the changes in the canon, the interpreter was praised for his work and it was considered that it was a matter of time before the program took a course closer to that of the original work.

The second season had a better reception among critics, but the same problems were still present and now they felt like an issue that would never change. Delays of various kinds left room for fans to wonder if Lauren Schmidtshowrunner of The Witcher, really knew the history in depth. When Cavill finally announced his retirement, several rumors surfaced that were not fully confirmed, including that the actor was very frustrated with the process because they did not listen to his ideas, and that the writing and creative team had no knowledge of the books. and they were not required to read them.

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It was soon announced that Liam Hemsworth he would stay as the protagonist giving life to a new version of Geralt, and although there is no lawsuit between the interpreters, the public did not receive the news well. In addition to complaining because the actor from The Hunger Games – The Witcher: casting director says Liam Hemsworth has as many fans as Henry Cavill and they will easily save the show - The USA Print84% and Independence Day: Counterattack – 31% not even close to Cavill’s physique, there was the annoyance that the series had a golden opportunity to have a fan who could help make things better if they had listened. The fact that Netflix and the team did not seem to have an interest in Cavill caused an extreme reaction in the followers, who want to boycott the program from the premiere of the third season that will still feature the actor.

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Hemsworth is coming in for the fourth season and Netflix seems really sure of its success, so they recently greenlit a fifth which they say will give audiences enough time to get used to the change and follow the story for more years. The showrunner of The Witcher He has already defended Hemsworth on several occasions and is now Sophie Hollandcasting director of the series, who speaks (via fandomwire) in favor of the change and ensures that there is nothing to worry about:

We’re about to start filming Season 4 with Liam Hemsworth and there’s going to be a bit of a gap, then we’ll go straight into Season 5… I’m really looking forward to seeing what Liam brings. He has a huge fan base. Season four will be a nice mix of new characters and returning faces.

The arrival of the trailer for the third season, the last one with henry cavill up front, it only sparked a new wave of complaints and if fans really decide to drop the series from now on, the numbers may actually be too low by Netflix standards, so despite approving a fifth season for show security, adaptation of The Witcher it could come to an end sooner than planned.

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