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Jesse Armstrong, creator of 'Succession,' holds up the Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series at the 74th Academy Television Awards.
Jesse Armstrong, creator of ‘Succession,’ holds up the Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series at the 74th Academy Television Awards.PATRICK T. FALLON (AFP)

the squid gamethe global phenomenon of Netflix, could not end the dynasty of the Roy family on the night of the Emmys. Succession, the HBO drama about the dysfunctional family of media tycoons, has won the grand prize of the night of American television, best drama series. “Great week for successions. New king in the UK. Obviously, there were more votes involved in our triumph than in Prince Charles,” said Jesse Armstrong, the creator of the series. Minutes before the bomb, received with surprise by the public, he had collected the statuette for best dramatic screenplay. In total, he took three out of 25 nominations he had. The South Korean series has opened the world to US viewers, winning the awards for Best Dramatic Actor and Directing, two important categories out of 14 that it disputed. Lee Jung-jae has become the first actor to win the top acting award for a foreign series. “This won’t be the last non-English language series here… We’ll see you in the second season,” said Hwang Dong-hyuk, the creator of the popular Netflix show.

The Television Academy has crowned in this gala one of the phenomena of the television season, The White Lotus, with the award for best miniseries. The HBO production follows several characters housed in a paradisiacal luxury complex. With just six episodes, the satirical series kicked off the night with 20 nominations. He won five awards in total. It was difficult for justice to be done, since eight of these were for actors and actresses from the series, who competed with each other. Those who have taken home the statuette were Murray Bartlett, who plays the hotel manager, and Jennifer Coolidge, an eccentric millionaire who thinks she has a revelation of life while she is on vacation.

“I had a lavender bath and I’m swollen in this dress… I’m having trouble speaking,” Coolidge joked, downplaying the solemnity level of the speeches. This was the first major award for a 61-year-old actress who has been in the industry for decades. Something similar has happened with Mike White, the creator of the series, an actor who has almost always had supporting roles. White has won tonight the first Emmys of his career for the writing and direction of The White Lotus, which will premiere a second season in October despite being planned as a miniseries. “I’m a survivor. I’ve learned that if you can lower the level of threat you pose, you can stay in the game. I love to write, so please don’t kick me off the island,” White said after completing the double. HBO and HBO Max conquered 38 categories, double what they achieved in 2021.

Lee Jung-jae and Hwang Dong-hyuk, show the Emmys won by 'The Squid Game', for best dramatic performance and direction, respectively.
Lee Jung-jae and Hwang Dong-hyuk, show the Emmys won by ‘The Squid Game’, for best dramatic performance and direction, respectively.AUDE GUERRUCCI (REUTERS)

Coolidge took humor in being ushered offstage to music as his words of thanks were extended. The opposite happened with Michael Keaton, who gave the first and perhaps the longest speech of the night. It has been a distinction for an actor who has almost always walked away empty-handed at the big Hollywood awards, with the exception of the Golden Globes. This year he won his first Emmy for his performance as a doctor in dopesick, a miniseries about the opioid crisis in the US “There have been those who have doubted me. You know what? No problem,” Keaton said seconds after receiving the award from Oprah Winfrey, the queen of television in the US. “You have about 90 of these, don’t you?” the actor joked.

Keaton wins for the first time, but there have been several actresses who have extended her reign. For the second consecutive year, Zendaya achieved it in the dramatic field, for euphoria, and Jean Smart in the Comedy Actress category for Hacks. Julia Garner, however, has won her third Emmy for playing Ruth Langmore in the dark series Ozarks, from Netflix. Garner was also nominated tonight for Inventing Anna, but lost to Amanda Seyfried, the favorite for having played a fictional version of businesswoman Elizabeth Holmes, from Theranos. Instead she left empty handed Better Call Saulwho will have one last chance in 2023 and Only killers in the building.

The night has made it clear that we continue to live in the world of Ted Lasso. It has not been just a phenomenon of the pandemic. The Apple TV comedy, which won by a landslide in 2021, has shown that it continues to be the favorite of the public and the members of the television academy, who made it the best comedy in 2022. Its protagonist, Jason Sudeikis, also won a second consecutive statuette for giving life to the American coach who takes the reins of a struggling English team. Sudeikis showed surprise on stage and, visibly nervous, he could barely string together a few thanks. Actor Brett Goldstein, who plays a veteran soccer player in the team led by Lasso, also repeated in 2022 as best supporting actor. The best comedy direction has also been for the Apple production, in the hands of MJ Delaney.

The cast of 'The White Lotus', winner of five Emmys at the 74th edition of the US Television Awards.
The cast of ‘The White Lotus’, winner of five Emmys at the 74th edition of the US Television Awards.AUDE GUERRUCCI (REUTERS)

Kenan Thompson, the oldest actor in the cast of the legendary Saturday Night Live, was in charge of conducting the ceremony at the Microsoft Theater in downtown Los Angeles. The ceremony started off on the wrong foot, with choreographies dedicated to iconic television themes such as friends, The Brady Bunch, stranger things Y game of Thrones. The Chris Rock fiasco at the Oscars left ripples among the producers of the awards ceremonies. The dance, which left no one convinced, replaced the traditional comic monologue that usually starts these galas. This came a few minutes later, but with a decaffeinated humor, except for a couple of jabs at Netflix for its loss of subscribers and increased debt. “After this, I’ll never get a comedy special,” Thompson joked. Netflix took home 26 Emmys.

2022 has consolidated new comedies. Schitts Creek has disappeared from the map, but the void left by that series has now been occupied by Abbott College, one of the few series produced by one of the traditional networks, ABC, whose importance is diluted year after year in the face of the streaming giants. Like a cruel joke, traditional television broadcasts the awards every year where its digital competitors sweep. Hence the taste of the presenters to laugh at Netflix or Amazon.

Sheryl Lee Ralph won the award for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy for her role as Barbara Howard, in Abbott College. The series portrays a group of teachers in the worst school in the country. The program has made it possible to laugh at a rather worrying subject, but the production has found a way that not everything is a joke. Supported by Disney, Abbott College donated all the money from the advertising budget to go to teachers in the poorest public schools in the country. Ralph, who saw his first nomination awarded despite acting since the late ’70s, gave the night one of the few memorable moments. He turned the start of his speech into a powerful performance. a cappella of Endangered Speciess (Endangered species), by jazz singer Dianne Reeves. The series won two Emmys in total. Quinta Brunson took home one for comedy writing.

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