The Venezuelan Gleyber Torres establishes himself as a pillar in the Yankees: “This year I showed that I can improve” | The USA Print

The Venezuelan Gleyber Torres establishes himself as a pillar in the Yankees: "This year I showed that I can improve"

Within the lousy season that the New York Yankees have had, there were a couple of lights on the team. One of them was undoubtedly Gleyber Torres. The Venezuelan was one of the best offensive pieces and team defenses this season.

This has made Torres establishes itself as one of the pillars of the Bombardero team. In addition, he demonstrated his ability to improve his game, since in past seasons he came at a very low level compared to his first two seasons in the Major Leagues.

Gleyber on the Yankees stands out as the leader in hits, runs scored, runs pushed in and average. In addition to that, he is second in stolen bases, home runs and tickets. Demonstrating the importance of him in the New York ninth.

In addition, there was a great improvement compared to Torres from last season, which closed with a very high number of strikeouts (129), which has been considerably reduced this year. A job that the second baseman himself recognizes from his evolution. “I feel like I’ve matured a bit more this year”commented the man from Caracas to

The Venezuelan Gleyber Torres establishes himself as a pillar in the Yankees: "This year I showed that I can improve" | The USA Print
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Torres also recalled how difficult the 2020 and 2021 seasons were for him, in which he had a very low level. But with patience and work has been recovering the level shown in the first two seasons with the Yankeesin which he was even called up for the All-Star Game.

“I remember that 2021 was a very hard year for me., defensively and offensively. And last year, I showed that I can be the player that I was in the first two years of my career. Therefore, last year was a year of recovery for me and this year was my opportunity to show that I can be patient at the plate, strike out less, follow my plan”, analyzed the Venezuelan.

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August for Torres closed in the best way. With 35 hits in 105 at-bats and a .340 average. And although the Yankees ended the month with a losing record and no chance to qualify for the playoffs, individually the 26-year-old remains on a good level.

Manager Aaron Boone acknowledges the evolution of Gleyber Torres

On the other hand, the same coach Aaron Boone also spoke highly of Torres’ performance this season and how he could improve his game, especially his patience at the plate.

“I think he is a better player now. What I’m seeing night after night is good, quality shifts. Regardless of whether he gets the results or not, I feel like he’s hitting the ball with the thick part of the bat more often, making good swing decisions and just starting to hit like an experienced player,” said the strategist.

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