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the usual fear with more blood than ever



Terror offers what other films find impossible: a multisensory experience in which smell is exercised intensely. It does not need the 3D that other films about green and ugly creatures resort to, nor sensory effects of rain, wind, noise, smells or movement of seats that some cinemas offer because it is enough to start the physiological machinery, and perhaps because of this reason it brings together so many fans, like those who are dying to see scream 6the classic saga in the genre slasher which returns to theaters this Friday.

Five decades have passed since Wes Craven saved the genre from slasher (psychopaths, murders, some sex and often drugs) and propelled him to the blockbuster position with his film scream (1996), a commercial success aimed at a teenage audience that was followed in the genre by other iconic titles such as I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Since then, the formula of the young people receiving mysterious calls and who are attacked by a hooded serial killer with a ghostly mask inspired by the painting The Scream, by the artist Munch, has not stopped making cash, with more or less intensity. And not a Halloween holiday has passed since then without ghost face (the murderer’s costume) appears on the streets.

As with all franchises, ordinary audiences can get lost between the installments, the sequels, the prequels, and the reboots (apologies if any terms are missing). However, in the final analysis, the important thing is to know if what you are going to see is worth it or not and if the money for the ticket and the kangaroo (if applicable) have been well invested. To the relief of the majority, also for this editor of Vozpopulithis new installment pass with grade and besides, things don’t get as complicated as with Halloween (a total of 13 films without a clear internal logic), although it does not hurt to review.

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After the premiere of the film that inaugurated the saga, starring Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courteney Cox and which grossed more than 170 million dollars at the box office, there were three other installments released in 1997, 2000 and 2011, and all of them directed by Wes Craven himself. after, and following Craven’s death in 2015the fifth part was released in 2022, set 25 years after the original murders, and with two characters who continue the action in this sixth installment: Jenna Ortega and Melissa Barrera.

scream 6: from Woodsbro to New York

Unlike the previous ones, which take place in the fictional town of Woodsboro, in this sixth installment the action moves to New York, where the Carpenter sisters, Sam and Tara, as well as two of their friends, take refuge after the massacre experienced a year earlier. However, the tranquility soon ends and they soon again feel the threat of ghost facewho was left for dead and banished from his worst nightmares.

“What’s your favorite scary movie?”. The question that the mysterious murderer asked his victims over the phone in the first installment of scream made clear one of the intentions of the film that inaugurated this saga and that has remained the common thread of the rest of the series, which was none other than to shoot a horror film with some victims who did know the tricks, the mistakes and the traps one of the most iconic films of the genre.

In scream 6metacinema continues with elegant tributes to some of the masters, such as Dario Argento and the shirt of his movie Four flies on gray velvet carried by one of the characters, or a very symbolic first murder: the one perpetrated by the disguised psychopath on a film teacher specializing in the slasher genre, unable to anticipate the terrible consequences of walking down a dark alley. Thus, a few minutes after starting, the film gets into the pocket of the most fanatical audience, who also does not hesitate to applaud the nods to the previous films in the saga.

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If keeping the fans happy is the first step, the second is also satisfying those who go to the theaters with them. Fun is guaranteed for everyone in scream 6even despite the forced exercise of nostalgia with which they risk these endless sagas of stories, even despite not following the thread, vaguely remembering the plot of the first film. On this occasion, the sense of smell is reawakened just like in the 90s, with more blood and more murders, but with the same adolescent fear.