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Estados Unidos espiaba a Rusia y Ucrania durante la guerra

A few days ago, “secret” documents were leaked from the Pentagon of the United States, which reveals that this nation spied on Russia and Ukraine during the war that is taking place. It was the media The New York Times and NBCNews who reported on this leak.

The United States was spying on Russia and Ukraine, according to leaked secret documents

the war between Russia and Ukraine continues and it seems that it will not have an end anytime soon. The United States takes advantage of this moment to be able to continue injecting capital into the war industry, giving budget to Ukraine for weapons, vehicles, among others.

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Despite USA has constant accusations against Chinafor alleged espionage, it turns out that the nation was spying on Russia already Ukraine. There are dozens of classified documents from the Defense Department those that leaked to different media, information and press. According to the same files, the United States investigated the machinery of Russia within the war and the president of Ukrainethis according to different media such as NBCNews, CNN and SputnikNews. These documents aretop secret” and there are around 50 leaked files.

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A big leak since 2013

The full impact of this major leak remains unrevealed to the media, however it could be one of the most severe and damaging leaks of US intelligence secrets. USA. It still does not overcome the leak that happened during 2013, where a contractor of the National security agency called Edward Snowdenwho handed over documents to several journalists.

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The Snowden case

Snowden delivered documents about the United States electronic surveillance to the media, to reveal all the espionage activities that the US government carries out against its population and other sectors of the world. Edward Snowden It was a relevant case and one that was recorded in history, even the case was brought to hollywoodwith a movie.

This most recent leak case is much smaller, and the authorities do not know how it was leaked on different social networks.

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In the words of the Pentagon

The press secretary of the Pentagon, sabrina singhdeclared the following to the media and press:

“He Defense Department continues to review and assess the validity of photographed documents circulating on social media that appear to contain sensitive and highly classified material. A focused interagency effort is underway to assess the impact these photographed documents could have on the national security of the United States and that of our allies and partners.

sabrina singh also added the following:

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“Over the weekend, US officials have been reaching out to allies and partners and briefing appropriate congressional committees of the disclosure. The Department of Defense’s highest priority is the defense of our nation and our national security. We refer this matter to the Department of Justice, which has opened a criminal investigation.”

United States spies and accuses of espionage

Meanwhile, the United States continues to insist on accusing China of trying to spy on them, and placing discreditable information against Russia and the aforementioned Asian country. However, the United States is one of the main ones in promoting the war between Russia and Ukraine, in addition to promoting its political agenda in different media. We must emphasize that the United States is not the only country that does this, since Russia and China also face these same problems within their governments.

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