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King Charles III and Camilla the Queen consort with Elke Buedenbender and Frank Walter Steinmeier in Germany

May 6 is approaching, the date marked in the calendars of all the British for the coronation of Carlos III, and everything is already beginning to take shape for a celebration that will have a forecast of some 2,000 attendees. The details have been gradually revealed and one of the last to be known affects the wardrobe of future attendees.

As you may have learned The Telegraph, the coronation will require a “relaxed dress code.” What is the definition? According to the news outlet, this request “is designed to fit with the monarch’s desire for a simple ceremony that reflects public attitudes towards the royal family and a desire to avoid excess during cost-of-living crises.”

King Charles III and Camilla, the queen consort, receive Elke Buedenbender and her husband Frank Walter Steinmeier in Germany


A relaxed dress code

That is to say, the official indications would be that the assistants dress informally for the event. While members of the House of Lords “traditionally wear a special coronation robe” and crown, they were reportedly told they “may only wear their usual Parliamentary ermine” or standard dress.

A piece of news that would contrast the information that was released last month, according to People, stating that the Princess of Wales could break the tradition of not wearing a tiara at the coronation. Even if this was fulfilled, the kings will wear crowns on May 6.

The Princess of Wales beaming on her visit to Oxford House Nursing Home

The Princess of Wales beaming on her visit to Oxford House Nursing Home


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Queen Consort Camilla will be crowned with Queen Mary’s crown, while Charles will be crowned at Westminster Abbey with St Edward’s crown, and will also wear the Imperial State crown during the service.