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“The treatment worked well”: Zazie provides very encouraging information from Florent Pagny | The USA Print


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It’ll have escaped nobody, Zazie and Florent Pagny are two nice artists of French track who get alongside “like the wheel at the fair”, and this for a number of years. Time has now not eroded their friendship, as evidenced by means of the writer of the tube “I am a man”, with our colleagues from Télé-Loisirs (Source 1). The singer takes the opportunity to give very reassuring news from her colleague Florent Pagny, who discovered her lung cancer at the beginning of last year.

Every time I have him on the phone, we laugh. He’s in Patagonia right now and he’s really doing well. The treatment went well”, rejoiced Zazie. From there to affirm that the author and interpreter of “My freedom of thought” is out of the woods, there is a step that Zazie prefers not to take: “It’s still a cancer, it’s a filthy beast, but Florent has regained his voice. He even has a few hairs growing back”.

Proof if any that the heaviest of the treatment is behind him, the singer has already given the dates of his next tourwhich will include festivals this summer 2023. Zazie also hopes to find her there: “I already told Florent that we were going to try to have fun together. I could, for example, squat his stage by doing the backing vocals, in disguise”.

For now, the jury of The Voice, tele-hook unearthing new voices and new musical talents, will have to compose without Florent Pagny. “Florent Pagny is in our hearts”, declared Nikos Aliagas during a TF1 press conference on January 17. “It is part of the program’s DNA.We have news very regularly. He is doing well and we hope to see him again very soon. He has also announced his tour!” Enough to confirm the words of Zazie: the therapeutic protocol went well and will soon be coming to an end.

Recall that the singer introduced in January 2022 to be afflicted byinoperable lung most cancerswhich due to this fact required a heavy clinical protocol together with each chemotherapy and radiotherapy periods.

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Mark NT
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