The success of a slimming pill on TikTok and these side effects | The USA Print

Diverted for his slimming effects, the drug Ozempicprescribed in the type 2 diabetes treatment, is used on TikTok by users who want to lose weight. The #Ozempic hashtag has accumulated nearly 500 million views and specialists are concerned about Side effects of this viral trend (source 1). The enthusiasm is such that supply voltages are beginning to be felt. Promotional videos of this slimming ally abound on the Chinese social network where you can find the testimony of a user in the United States:

The Novo Nordisk laboratory has been marketing this drug in France since 2019. It indicates that Ozempic is well stipulated for the treatment of type 2 diabetes, so uncontrolled. Its principle is to come bind to receptors for a hormone that controls blood sugar and stimulates the release of insulin, when the blood glucose level is high. Therefore, he slows stomach emptying and reduces feelings of hungerwhich leads to a weightloss. With this consequence, and this side effect, this drug was indeed transformed in the United States for fight against obesity, with a stronger dose and under the name of Wegovy. However, there are other side effects, potentially serious, related to the consumption of Ozempic, such as attacks on the pancreas, thyroid disorders or intestinal discomfort.

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