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After the 2023 Goya Awards and the Feroz Awards, Spanish cinema had another appointment this Saturday in Malaga. The closing of the 26th Malaga Festival has always been one of the most anticipated nights of the year in the world of Spanish cinema with the awarding of the Biznagas of the Official section in competition. But, in addition, it has served to see one last time the spectacular red carpet of the festival.

On the last movie night, numerous well-known faces have been seen at the gala, leaving hints of upcoming trends. And, as always, there have been great successes and important slips, as well as looks that have been commented on for their originality. Vanesa Romero, Elena Furiase or Nuria Fergó have been three of the protagonists who have gone through the red carpet of the closing of their film festival, but if someone has attracted special attention it has been the journalist Noemí Casquet.

Noemí Casquet on the red carpet of the Malaga Film Festival

Carlos Alvarez/Getty

The night began with a catwalk of paillettes, transparencies and mermaid cuts, where the journalist’s original dress has attracted special attention, with black 3D hands that covered her chest. Designed by Álvaro Calafat from Malaga, the journalist looked spectacular in a most flattering aqua green. Although the meaning of the choice of this dress has not yet been revealed, surely the actress had some concept to dazzle in this way on the last night of the cinema. The styling, yes, was made by Jose Caraballo.

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As for the hairstyle and makeup, the journalist has not disappointed and looked impressive thanks to Antonio Eloy Pro, Lulú Pérez and Paloma González. She with a hairstyle of four braids that went towards the back of her head and that came together in one behind her nape. In addition, she wore one of the trends in recent months. Her forehead and her face were adorned by small and fine locks, a way of taking advantage of the baby hair. A hairstyle widely used by celebrities inevitably reminiscent of the very rosalia oh Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna.


The spectacular look of Noemí Casquet

Carlos Alvarez/Getty

The journalist caused, to say the least, a great surprise. Something that she already spent the night before, where she went to the red carpet barefoot and with a mask. She did it with a white jewel dress by Yolancris, rhinestones and with transparencies. Noemí then monopolized the flashes with a risky bet that culminated with a naturally curly mane. A spectacular look that did not drop this Saturday. Now Spanish cinema says goodbye to the season’s festivities and looks forward to the next one.