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The sorrows and divorce of Isabella Castillo "are singing"

“La Usurpadora, El Musical” came into the life of Isabella Castillo in one of the worst moments of her life to show her that yes, despite being broken inside she could sing, laugh and face one of the biggest challenges of her career with two characters in one.

The musical, which premieres this weekend on the billboard in the United States, served the actress with Cuban roots as therapy and the music of Celia Cruz, soundtrack of the film, made him realize that, indeed, life itself “is a carnival and the sorrows are singing”.

“I had to record the film at a very difficult time, where two days before starting to record I was going through a divorce (from actor Matías Novoa). I found out that I had to get a divorce and two days before the recordings, to pick up my bags, take my dog ​​and see where I was going to go”.

“At the time I thought that I was not going to be able to handle the responsibility of being able to carry two characters, and not just any two characters, characters that people already know and love, they know them very well thanks to Gaby Spanic, and Gaby Spanic is one, No?”.

Isabella admits that she was about to give up on the project back then. “I didn’t feel ready at the time, emotionally, to do this. I spoke with the production, I spoke with the director to get them to help me and the truth is that they made ‘life a carnival’ for me”.

“Everyone helped me so much and I myself realized that life is that: it is about get over whatever comes your way and make ‘a carnival’ out of it; then I, Isabella, I have shown myself that I can handle whatever life throws at me. And after I finished the movie I felt proud of myself.”

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“Yes, I am always going to be very critical, there are always going to be many scenes that I am not going to like or things that I would have wanted to change, but I do feel proud that I finished the film and apart from that I had fun making the film”.

“The truth is that the best therapy I could have had is to have recorded this film.”

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