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¿Qué tiene que ver el 4 de mayo con Star Wars?

What does the 4th of May have to do with Star Wars?

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The Simpson and Star Wars teamed up for a galactic adventure in honor of “May The Fourth Be With You,” which is celebrated today, on Disney+.

Titled ‘Rogue Not Quite One’, a reference to the 2016 film franchise ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’, the animated short stars little Maggie Simpson as she evades the Empire in her own aeronautical buggy inspired by Grogu’s in The Mandalorian.

“Homer loses track of Maggie, who hops into Grogu’s hovering buggy for a hyperspace adventure across the galaxy. Facing off against a squadron of Imperial TIE fighters, Maggie takes the battle to Springfield in this epic short that celebrates all things Star Wars.”says the synopsis of the trailer.

Star Wars and The Simpsons had already teamed up for other projects previously. On Disney Investor Day in 2021, the streaming platform brought Homer and Dana Walden together in a promotional video, and in that same year, an animated short called ‘The Force Awakens From Its Nap’. Later in 2021, the franchises paired up on Disney+ Day for another short film titled ‘The Simpsons in Plusaversary’.

Why is May 4th Star Wars Day?

The origin of Star Wars Day refers to a fan-made pun, which was based on the catchphrase from the early films, “May the force be with you” and changed slightly. the pronunciation of “May the fourth be with you” (“May 4th be with you”).

The date ended up being a success among fans and the production of movies, series and other products related to the Star Wars universe ended up embarking on the celebration.

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