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The SeniorDomo smartwatch for the elderly arrives in Italy

SeniorDomo, the company specializing in advanced telecare for the elderly, has created an innovative solution that protects 24 hours a day and anywhere: a watch that works as an autonomous device, hands-free, easy to use, and with a series of functions that facilitate autonomy and connectivity between older people and their families.

The watch has a fall detector that can be adapted to each user, and a health sensor that records pulse, blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, and temperature. It also has a help button and a GPS location. In addition, the device includes a SIM card capable of operating throughout Europe, so the senior can make voice calls to the family, and vice versa, without having to carry a mobile phone.

The watch has a fall detector, health sensor, help button, GPS location and SIM card capable of operating throughout Europe

Thanks to this connectivity, families have the peace of mind of knowing that their relatives are safe at all times, since the system automatically supervises them and makes the calls that are necessary to notify relatives of a problem.

All these advances and tranquility is what has led SeniorDomo to expand its presence in Italy, thus helping more than 3,000 families to date. Its innovative technology, adaptable to each family, is ready to reach other countries. In fact, after Spain and Italy, SeniorDomo seeks to consolidate its growth by opening up to new markets already in 2023, which will allow it to increase its number of users and help more families within its mission of social impact.

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The watch can currently be purchased on the page in less than 48 hours for a price from €9.99 per month.

Sample of devices in the Town Hall of Aitona (Lleida)


SeniorDomo in the public sector

SeniorDomo has carved a niche for itself in the market thanks to its advanced and innovative technology. The watch designed for the elderly, in addition to having a SIM card, offers a series of functionalities that allow users to have greater autonomy, security and

The company remains in a process of continuous improvement, updating the system in order to continue adapting to the needs of users and also of administrations. Recently, the municipalities of Alcobendas and Aitona have launched their devices to protect groups at higher risk.

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