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The rule of three colors with which you will always dress well

Not resorting to black when you don’t know what to wear is sometimes unavoidable. The lack of ideas and resources, as well as advice from professionals, often becomes a real headache. To shed some light on this problem, a digital content creator specializing in fashion that goes by the name of @ellaesmanuela, has offered a tool that can help solve this problem.

It consists of the rule of three colors, that is, a rule that resides in not wearing more than three shades in the same outfit. To find that perfect formula and avoid the total black look, you have to choose a strong color and combine it with one or two neutral colors.

The strong colors that dominate the look are red, pink, fuchsia, orange, yellow, green, blue and light blue. These cannot be combined with each other and would only have to be present in a garment, complement or accessory.

On the contrary, neutral colors such as grey, white, beige, dark brown, or the denim fabric itself, can be combined with each other and the strong tone can be given prominence, which will dominate the styling. In the video published by @ellaesmanuela, he shows different examples of how to get it right successfully -and in a simple way- with the formula of the three colors.

success formula

Strong tone + Neutral tones

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