The Rings of Power: Sophia Nomvete says that “statistically” she was the most attacked by racists

The Rings of Power: Sophia Nomvete says that "statistically" she was the most attacked by racists - Tomatazos

In recent years the topic of cyberbullying (or cyberbullying) has been very popular. It is not something new, but after leading some celebrities to close their social networks or to think about taking their own life and having to go to therapy to recover, it is an issue that concerns everyone. in 2022 The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power – The Rings of Power: Sophia Nomvete says that "statistically" she was the most attacked by racists90% It was one of the most commented series, not only because of the criticism of the plot and the characters, but also because of the racist attacks on various actors, and Sophia Nomvetein charge of interpreting the dwarf queen Disa, was the most affected, as revealed in Raising Our Voices, from The Hollywood Reporter.

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The Lord of the rings is a story inspired by European mythology, and its creator imagined his fantasy world populated mostly by white people, something that was reinforced by the films of Peter Jackson (Dead of Fear – 64%, King Kong (2005) – The Rings of Power: Sophia Nomvete says that "statistically" she was the most attacked by racists84%, They will never get old 100%). However, at this time Amazon could not afford something like this, and offered the public a diverse cast in all the species of Middle-earth, with actors such as Ismael Cruz Cordova, Cynthia Addai-Robinson and lenny henry. Although they all suffered from cyberbullying, Nomvete was the most affected (via WGTC):

Statistically I was the most attacked cast member on the entire show. There were N bombs, [decían que] had no place here. ‘You’re too fat, you’re too black. Why are you here?’ There was one who was actually very courteous, who said, ‘I’m sure you’re a wonderful actress and a really lovely person. I just don’t think you should be a part of this, it’s not right. If you can send a letter to Amazon with your resignation, I would be very grateful.’ I thought, ‘No, I’m not going to do that, I can’t. I can’t afford to quit for you so sadly I’m here to stay.

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Bullying was abundant, and among the comments the actress received, there was one that disturbed her so much that she could not get out of bed, but everything changed when she received a photograph sent by her husband, where her happy daughter was seen pointing to a large poster with her:

I realized that for her, and for the future of our industry and generation, it’s imperative that I stand in my power and my light and do as much as I can with this character.

According to the actress, she went through the seven stages of grief, but then decided that her mission was to show these people that they should not be afraid of new things:

I understood the task, and it was to help people understand and hold them and love them: you would never ignore a child if they were scared. They’re scared. They’re scared because they haven’t seen us before. So, in that moment and throughout this show, I made it my mission to alleviate their fear and make them understand and help educate them that it’s okay, that we can tell a story, that we can be here and the show will be better for it, than our industry. and our world will be better for it.

The Rings of Power is a television series produced by Amazon Studios that freely adapts the fantastic universe created by J.R.R. Tolkien . The series explores the Second Age of Middle-earth, an early and crucial time in the history of this fictional world, long before the events presented in The Lord of the rings. In 2017, Amazon acquired the rights to make this series for US$ 250 million, committing to produce a minimum of five seasons. This investment marked a milestone in the television industry, making the series the most expensive ever produced to date.

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Filming for the series took place in New Zealand, beginning in February 2020 and concluding in August 2021, despite facing interruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During its production, a high level of secrecy was maintained about its content and plot. The series covers key events of the Second Age, such as the forging of the Rings of Power and the rise of Sauron.

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