The return of Loreen and the “Queen of Kings”, the great rivals of Blanca Paloma | The USA Print

The return of Loreen and the "Queen of Kings", the great rivals of Blanca Paloma



Liverpool, get ready. The English city gives all the details for next May, the date on which it will receive one of the most important musical events of the year: Eurovision 2023. If Chanel finished the performance of slomo shouting “I will remember this for the rest of my life” (“I will remember this rest of my life”, in Spanish), surely White Dove Nor will she forget the moment in which she was chosen as the representative of Spain in the final of the Benidorm Fest.

The artist from Elche conquered the public and professional jury with her song eaeaa flamenco song that sucks. A lullaby that perfectly mixes the cante jondo with more electronic sounds. A proposal that, above all, is a song to her grandmother Carmen: “As a child, she sang an Andalusian song to me that laughed at death and since she died, I feel that I have it here in my heart,” she assured in an interview after the contest.

During these months the representatives of the rest of the countries have been revealed. In fact, the identity of the 37 participants and this week the missing songs have been revealed. Surprises, unexpected twists, a lot of dance, a fan diva or the ‘Chanel effect’ -said proposals reminiscent of slomo– are some of the keys for the Eurovision 2023 edition. But who are Blanca Paloma’s great rivals?

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Loreen’s ‘euphoria’ returns to Eurovision

4,000 days. 11 years later. loreen returns to the Eurovision stage after claim victory at the Crystal Hall in Baku on May 29, 2012 after his spectacular staging of Euphoria. After this success, the Swede tried again in 2017 with statement, but it did not captivate the audience. However, in the Melodifestivalen 2023the pre-selection of Sweden, has indeed done so, being the favorite since its inception.

With Tattoo will try his luck again. A topic that resembles love with tattoos, like something that permeates and stays forever. A millimeter staging, a perfect realization and being the winner of one of the festivals, have turned Loreen in one of the clear winners of Eurovisión 2023. This is confirmed by the bets, for the moment, they place it in the first position.

You have to remember that Loreen will not be the only one to repeat on the Eurovision 2023 stage: Marco Mengonirepresenting Italy, returns to the festival with due visit either Pasha Parfeni who will try to lead Moldova to victory after his experience in 2012.

Alessandra, the ‘Queen of Kings’ of Norway

alessandra mele becomes a whole ‘Queen of Kings’ with her Queen of Kings. The young woman managed to sweep the Melody Grand Prix, the Norwegian preselection, against another of her favorites: honestly.

When she was chosen as the Norwegian candidate for the Song Festival, her song began to go viral through social networks. And also to raise the stakes. Currently, she is in the fourth position. Mele takes over from the wolves Subwooferwho last year achieved tenth place with Give that wolf a banana.

Finland and its Cha Cha Cha

Finland starts as second favorite in betting to win the contest with Cha Cha Cha. Like the other two artists, Käärijäwas another of the favorites to achieve victory in the Finnish preselection.

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The artist has mixed such different styles in the song -rap, electronic music, metal- that make the proposal unique and particular. There is nothing similar among the rest. Synonym of what is a theme that stands out when you hear it. Last year Finland did not achieve a good position with The Rasmus and his Jezebelthey were ranked 22nd with 38 points.

Ukraine, United Kingdom, Israel…

Other countries that are well positioned in the surveys are Ukraine, United Kingdom, Israel, Czech Republic either Austria. the ukrainians Tvorchi present heart of steel after achieving victory in the national pre-selection that was held in the bunker of the Maidan Nezalezhnosti metro station.

Mae Muller will represent the UK at Eurovision 2023 with I Wrote A Song. Chosen internally by the BBC, the artist will defend the host country with a pop song full of rhythm in which surely the dance will not be missing. Expectations are high after the second place of sam ryder and, for the moment, the bets are in his favor: he is in seventh position.

Czech Republic with My sister’s crown and Israel with Unicorn they have slipped into the top 10 as possible winners of the Song Festival. The big surprise has been the irruption of Georgia. Threw out -the title of the song- has already entered the highest stakes. The position is disputed with France and its Obviously. close the list Who the hell is Edgar?. The Austrian proposal is a satire on the music business and in which the artists, composers of the theme, talk about how inspired they were when making the song, to such an extent that they were possessed by himself Edgar Allan Poe.

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Undoubtedly, Blanca Paloma will not have an easy path to victory, but the illusion of achieving the long-awaited crystal microphone is there. For the moment, the Spanish proposal continues to rise in the stakes, standing in sixth position. And the criticisms speak for themselves: “It is a very special proposal” –alesia michelleAmerican journalist-, “This is something unique, different, cultural” -the youtuber simplethings– or “I think eaea can win Eurovision next May” -the youtuber TheBalkanGuy. Will Spain achieve victory with eaea in Eurovision 2023? The cards are already on the table.