The reason why a ‘tiktoker’ changes from a private to a public hospital at the last minute: Long live public health! | The USA Print

The reason why a 'tiktoker' changes from a private to a public hospital at the last minute: Long live public health!

Laura is a ‘tiktoker’ who writes about everything about food. It is not for nothing that he defines himself as Keto with Laurathat is, a follower of the keto diet, which is none other than a diet based on the intake of foods rich in fat and protein, limiting carbohydrates as much as possible.

But almost nine months ago she became pregnant and has decided to take advantage of her Tik Tok account to recount her gestational process. And she has narrated an event that she experienced on the 19th and that she made Panic”. It was when they told her at the Dexeus Hospital in Barcelona that giving birth there cost her a minimum of 6,000 euros “plus expenses” because it is a private hospital and her medical insurance did not cover hospitalization. And all this, “paid at once”: “They tell us that a vaginal delivery is 6,000 or 7,000 euros and a cesarean delivery is 9,000 or 10,000 euros plus the extras and all paid at once, that is, in a single payment.”

she had done all pregnancy monitoring in private healthcare, at the Quirón Hospital in Barcelona, ​​near the Dexeus Hospital. And that is why she wanted to give birth privately. But she did not count on the fact that, despite having been paying “51 euros a month for 4 years, a beast”, as she explains, her medical insurance did not include hospital admission.

Visit to a public hospital

“This happens at 2 in the afternoon on a Friday. I panic,” he says. After asking for help on social networks because she has never been admitted to the hospital and has been living in Barcelona for a short time, she ends up at the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital. “We went to the San Juan de Dios hospital and it’s as if a rainbow appeared. We entered the reception, the super-friendly people, really, a staff of ten, they put me directly with a doctor. The doctor said ‘please, what I went into labor right now and this doctor who seems to me to be the most wonderful, calmest, kindest person will take care of me,” says Laura.

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And she explains that they told her not to worry about anything, that when she went into labor she would go there without problem. “We have made the decision that when it comes out, even if everything is fixed [con el seguro privado], I feel calmer right now in the public hospital of San Juan de Dios. Now the ‘feeling’ is very good, “she says.”Long live public health! Long live public hospitals! Long live everything for real! And long live the health personnel! “, She ends with emotion.

The publication, which has accumulated 13,200 “likes” and almost 350,000 reproductions in just two days, has also been filled with comments praising the benefits of public health and urging to take care of it.

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