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the rapper who captures the popular depression due to this crisis



Be careful with this outburst: “I don’t know what’s wrong with me / that important things no longer affect me / nor those that are not important / I just want bills and diamonds”, Midas Alonso recites in his song “Intimissimi”. Only eight seconds, less than two brushstrokes, are enough to portray the state of mind of many Spanish neighborhoods, where the only thing that shakes the emotional coma is the mention of money. Alonso’s rhymes are known for their overdose of references, where series, drugs and sports betting are mixed, often from Bundesliga teams. Very occasionally, a flash of lumpen romanticism: “I still remember Christmas Eve when we shared a whopper/ They saw you smoking crack in an Opel,” he shares.

Alonso has a recognizable phrasing: icy, sleepy, like someone who has been drinking beer and lexatines for two hours, trying to tame his perpetual inner frustration. The record is his alone, although he may occasionally recall a Much Boy allergic to bling bling or a Jarfaiter in which the procession of aggressiveness was inside. “My life is burning / how my Visa is burning”, he sums up in “Tutankhamun”, in whose video he appears walking alone through Madrid. “My compadres are more addicted / than the Beatles to zebra crossings / junkies consuming inheritances / herbal liquor / they can’t with the withdrawal syndrome / refrain from listening to me, kill yourselves / More drug dealers than junkies in the neighborhood,” he informs us.

Among its bitter and direct rhymes, other hot ones stand out, such as ‘I fight for your ‘chichi’/ as for the pichichi Iago Aspas’

Because it’s trendy? Without a doubt, her personal charisma has helped him, mix of Tony Soprano and sunken adult from the Spanish periphery. He also stands out for dotting his songs with soccer rhymes, which even caught the attention of the commentators from The beach bar. Against all odds, his most emblematic phrase-“Where is Sturridge”?- quietly sneaked into session #53 of Bizarrap, that of Shakira, which has marked the pop start of the year. The Colombian doesn’t pronounce it, but she does Sturridge’s goal celebration dance, triggering the impact of the Internet joke about the whereabouts of one of England’s most famous strikers, now in the dark.

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Dimas Alonso and the city of a million dead

Our rapper is more about bars than choruses, more about raw bases than melodies. His roots are in the caustic nineties, not in the Caribbean two thousand and twenty. “To find a base I shoot a lot, but I don’t close myself off to anything. More melodic or flamenco bases can come”he said in the podcast Father’s Hour #187. “The world of betting freaks me out, but you have to take it with your head. I have colleagues who are very screwed, but if I see a game to which they put 200 or 300 euros, it gets into it. If you lose, there will already be gold to recover. Or lose. Before I endured much more, now only semifinals, ”he confesses. About this, he quotes the rhyme “I’m at home crying in front of the computer / I take off the girl’s bra”.

His hymn “Pichichi” begins with Alonso with a wave of rough rhymes, where they highlight “it seems that I do nothing / but I fight for your chichi / as for the pichichi Iago Aspas”. Or “I fell in love when he possessed you the hard tech” and “Eternally my art will be in Erte”. Or “if I see that I can buy the referee / firm as Jennifer Anniston’s ass.” And to finish, the ringlet: “At Mestalla CR7 doing a double/ Tata Martino, Marchena, Rufete/ me doing some steaks”. Because that’s how many Sundays are in the neighborhoods with the green awnings: “I’ve run dry at Sportium/ I trusted Borussia Dortmund too much/ give me a Bizum, I’ll still recover at Borussia Monchengladbach against VS Frankfurt”.

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